3 Ways to Use TeamViewer to Remote PC or Android Mobile Remotely

How to use TeamViewer for a remote from laptop to laptop or from an Android phone to an Android phone. Laptop to android cellphone and vice versa can too.

Maybe you are wondering what is meant by TeamViewer.TeamViewer is an application that is used to remotely remote (control) another PC or laptop.

TeamViewer to Remote PC or Android Mobile
TeamViewer to Remote PC or Android Mobile

All that can be done while the two PCs are connected to a LAN or the internet (more commonly using the internet).

The way this application works is quite easy, you only need to know the ID and password provided by TeamViewer on the PC you want to remote. Then all you have to do is enter the TeamViewer application installed on your PC.

3 Ways to Use TeamViewer to Remote PC or Android Mobile Remotely

Not only that, I will also explain how to remote a PC via your Android phone or vice versa. For more details on how to use TeamViewer, you can see the steps below:

A. Remote PC to PC

1. First of all we need toinstall TeamVieweron either PC or laptop. During the installation process, don’t forget to selectPersonal / Non-commercial use, then selectAccept – finish.

2. Let’s just say that here I have 2 laptops. The first laptop is namedHPand the second is namedAcer. In this case, I want to remotely remote control myAcerlaptop using aHP laptop.

3. On Acer laptops, please open the TeamViewer application. You will see the nameYour IDandPassword as I have underlined it. The ID and password are required if you want to remotely remote laptop.

4. On theHP laptop, also open the Teamviewer application. Then in thePartner ID column, enter the Acer laptop ID. After that, click Connect to remote the Acer laptop.

5. Enter the Acer laptop password (you can see the password in step 3). If so, click Log On.

6. Now you can remotely remote laptop.

If you want to remote HP’s laptop via Acer’s laptop, the method is the same, just enter the ID and password of HP’s laptop in the TeamViewer application of Acer’s laptop.

B. Remote PC via Android HP

In this case I want to remote a PC or laptop directly through my Android phone. How to? Check out the steps below:

1. Download theTeamViewer for Remote Control application on the play store.

2. When you have finished installing, please open the TeamViewer application. As before, in thePartner ID column, enter the ID of the PC or laptop that you want to remote. Make sure the TeamViewer application on the PC or laptop that you want to remote remains open. Then clickRemote Control.

3. Enter the laptop password that you want to be remote. The password provided by TeamViewer is yes, not a login password or any other password. Then clickOK.

4. You will be faced with a display that contains a little guidance on using the mouse when remote PC from your Android phone, such as how to click, drag & drop and so on. Immediately, you selectContinue.

5. Tadah, now you can remote PC or laptop directly through your Android phone.

C. Remote Android HP from PC

In this case, I want to remote my android phone from the laptop I use. How to do it? Check out the steps below:

1. First you have to install theTeamViewer QuickSupportapplication via the Playstore.

2. Open theTeamViewer QuickSupportapplication on your Android phone, if you get a notification like this, clickDownload.

3. This add-on is needed so that the remote process can run optimally. Therefore, clickInstallto install the Add-On according to your cellphone brand.

4. If the Add-On has been successfully installed. Reopen the TeamViewer QuickSupport application on your Android phone. There you will see your android cellphone ID. This ID is needed so that another PC or laptop can remote your Android cellphone.

5. On your laptop, open theTeamViewer application. Then enter your android cellphone ID, then clickConnect.

6. In theTeamViewer QuickSupportapplication (which is on your Android cellphone), selectAllowto allow the laptop to remote your Android cellphone.

7. Success, you can now remote your Android phone from the laptop.

If you experience sluggishness or lag when remote it is because your internet connection is slow because it depends on the speed of the internet connection. Therefore, make sure your internet connection has no problem when you want to remote.

That’s a tutorial on how to use TeamViewer for remote PCs and Android phones remotely. No matter, the PC or Android cellphone that you want to remote is outside your city or in a very remote location, you can easily remote it while both PCs are connected to the internet. Hopefully this article is useful and I’ll see you in the next article.

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