The 8 Best WhatsApp Tricks You Must Know

WhatsApp Tricks: WhatsApp has evolved a lot since it appeared in our lives to turn it upside down because, let’s not fool ourselves, it is one of the applications that has had the most impact on Western society, especially because of the number of people who resort to its services.

The 8 Best WhatsApp Tricks You Must Know

We are so many millions using it and we do it so often that practically nobody, even those who still give it up, know it well, but it is also true that many of its users do not know even half of the WhatsApp tricks, many of them introduced afterwards in successive product evolutions.

The 8 best WhatsApp Tricks You Must Know

WhatsApp connects us to the world. That is his great virtue. But it also has a face b, such as the fact that we can be totally controlled and located through it. To such an extent, psychosis is sometimes generated with the “has read me but does not respond” or with the “has connected but does not read me”, among other classics that are already part of the daily life of the users of the application, which Sometimes there are those who prefer to limit it a bit.

For this as well as for other examples such as scheduling messages , it is enough to know how to deepen the app in order to adapt and manage it as you wish. Here are some of the most interesting and effective tricks to delve into WhatsApp:

I don’t want to go online

When it began with the use of WhatsApp, I did not like it too much to be so controlled, so the application created an option so that the user can choose not to show the time and date of his last connection, and therefore also that of If you are online or not.

This status is modified from the Settings or Application Settings; Of course, if you deactivate it you will not be able to see that of others. Everything can not have…

Avoid reading confirmation

One of the tricks of WhatsApp that is already quite widespread but there are not yet users who do not know that they can eliminate the option that indicates to the sender of the message that you have already read it. Just go to Settings within the app and in the Account section you will see that a Privacy button appears.

Within this section is the Confirmation of reading, which is the option that you must deactivate if you do not want the double click to turn blue when you read the received message.

Read incognito messages

If you do not want to deactivate the status, there is a “homemade trick” to read messages sporadically without being caught by the sender. If you have notifications and you see that there is a message that interests you but you do not want to enter the app and that the other person knows, activate the airplane mode and then proceed to start WhatsApp.

You will see how the messages are loaded in the same way and you can read them without looking like you have activity.

Use WhatsApp without reading or writing

The DGT has recently recognized that a very common cause of traffic accidents is no longer talking on the mobile, but looking directly at it. And WhatsApp has a lot of guilt in it.

But the solutions are arriving little by little with applications and voice systems that read the messages – and also send in many cases – so as not to have to read them, neither in dangerous situations nor in the routine ones as long as the user prefers the audio format. Actually, they can also read you the email and any other options you configure.

Send higher quality photos

Another of the tricks of WhatsApp that is presented in the iOS operating system is to send higher quality images than usual using iCloud. Select the file you want to send inside the corresponding reel, open the menu and save it in the cloud.

Then, open WhatsApp and select Share document, which will take you to iCloud, from where you can send with better quality, without compressing, any image previously saved in it.

Archive conversations

This option is very interesting and little known. It serves both private conversations with a user and with groups and its maximum utility is to prevent receiving messages without blocking. Simply select the conversations you want to archive and activate the function from the chat window.

If you want to see everything you archive you will have to go to the Archived Chats option.

Flip the camera

It is an option that is little used but at some point it is useful if you can not press the button to change the camera from the front to the back or vice versa. From WhatsApp you can do it if you access the camera by simply double clicking on the screen.

Hide profile picture

For a long time WhatsApp allows you to customize who and how you want to give access to your personal information. In this way, for example, you can prevent users who don’t follow you from seeing your profile picture. You simply have to enter the Privacy section and select the Profile picture submenu.

These are the best whatsapp tricks you must know. I hope that you will enjoy these tricks.

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