The Dark Mode For Secret IPhone That You Don’t know

The dark mode for iPhone is one of the best features of iOS 13. The last generations of iPhone from the X (except 11 and XR) have brought OLED panels, which are highly benefited by dark tones. In addition, the trend was clear and it was impossible for Apple to ignore these requests.

The Dark Mode for Secret iPhone that you don't know
The Dark Mode for Secret iPhone that you don’t know

The Dark Mode for Secret iPhone that you don’t know

However, that there is a dark mode for iPhone does not mean that there are apps that do not have it implemented. Yes, the system acquires the dark mode, but not all apps are compatible. Is there any way to force the dark mode in our apps even if they don’t have it?

Yes, there is. It is a somewhat rudimentary option but if you do not want to live without the dark mode in your apps, there is a way to force that mode in all your apps. Mind you, keep in mind one thing: it may not satisfy you.

The dark mode for iPhone you didn’t know

In the iOS settings go to “Accessibility”, “Display and text size” and then activate “smart inversion”. This mode, as explained by Apple itself, inverts the colors of the interface except the multimedia applications. That is, if the app has a clear interface, then this mode will force it to black without negative images of it.

The truth is that this option needs some filming. Although in apps like Instagram we have not encountered negative images, in other cases like YouTube the interface is directly reversed to negative. This causes the entire interface to look bad, with the colors completely inverted making viewing impossible.

With various iPhone apps such as the clock or contacts we have not encountered problems. This means that third-party apps must adapt to this option, or adopt the dark mode at once. But anyway, in certain apps, it works great. If you want to have dark mode in all apps yes or yes, this is what you have to do.

Regardless of whether or not you want to use this mode, there is a complementary option that will help you strengthen the dark mode better. On more than one occasion the transparencies of iOS being as beautiful as they are have broken my aesthetics a bit, the consistency of the dark mode. If you want flat gray, there is an option to “deactivate” them, so that you get flat gray and black in the apps you are in.

The differences, as you can see, are notorious. Again this is a mode only for those who want the dark mode throughout the interface, regardless of which app you are in. But remember that it is not perfect and can give you mistakes.

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