The Return Of A Classic: New Leisure Suit Larry For Android

There is no more adult and irreverent graphic adventure than Leisure Suit Larry, a classic that stays in shape. And updated: already on Android the new app.

The return of a classic: new Leisure Suit Larry for Android
The return of a classic: new Leisure Suit Larry for Android

The return of a classic: new Leisure Suit Larry for Android

Fans of the classic graphic adventures, we have an Android update of one of the great: Leisure Suit larry. One of the most irreverent games in history, and full of acid and adult humor, moves to the 21st century by updating itself in graphics and offering large doses of fun with a free trial download.

It is not that the update keeps all the essence, but it does offer some appeal to those who enjoyed the first versions or, simply, to all those who wish to approach the genre. Fancy downloading the new Leisure Suit Larry game for Android ? Wet Dreams Don’t Dry is now available in the Google Play Store.

Larry Laffer jumps in time to the 21st century in a current graphic adventure with the essence of yesteryear

As soon as you start the game you can clearly see the new graphic style: more real, in greater detail, although maintaining the casual character of the environments with a cartoon air. Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry is an update that hooks after the first approach. Of course, it costs horrors to start playing: the system needs you to answer 5 questions to make sure you’re old enough. It’s easier for Larry to stay sober than to pass this age filter.

Once the pitfall of the minimum age has been overcome, we will immerse ourselves in the history of the new adventure controlling, as usual, Larry Laffer . This appears in a kind of basement without knowing how it got there or who took it.

The temporary leap is important: from the 90s to the present day; with the logical conflicts that are created in history since Larry is oblivious to inventions such as the smartphone or social networks. Also to Timber , the fashion app to flirt.

Acidic and very ingenious dialogues, point and click mechanics , a whole story that will gradually break apart, Larry’s thug charisma coming out in each scene … And, as usual, we will have to pick up objects and then solve the huge amount of puzzles that the game contains.

Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry is a worthy heir to the classic graphic adventures. Pretty long, complete, very fun and with free access to try the first puzzles of the game. Does not include advertising, but a purchase to unlock the full title: 14.99 euros . It is not cheap, nor expensive if you consider the quality and extent of the game.

You can try Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry right now: access the Google Play Store to download it.

Note: Remember that it is an adult game: you need at least 16 years to install it.


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