6 Tips for Buying a Quality Used iPhone

The iPhone is indeed the prima donna of gadgets, so it’s no surprise that used iPhones are also hotly sought after by consumers. The reason is clear because the price will be cheaper than having to buy a new iPhone.

6 Tips for Buying a Quality Used iPhone

6 Tips for Buying a Quality Used iPhone

However, buying a used iPhoneisnot an easy matter. There are many things you have to make sure of before deciding to buy a used iPhone. Starting from the condition ofthe hardwaretothe software, everything must be in good condition.

And if you are a potential new iPhone user who decides to buy a used iPhone, here we share 6 tips for buying a quality used iPhone.

1. Check physical condition

Of course, physical condition is the first thing we must check first. Because after all, of course you don’t want to get an iPhone that is not in good physical condition.

Also, make sure that the physical condition of the used iPhone does not have signs of service. Generally, iPhones that have been serviced, especially at unofficialservice places, will havedents on the physical parts.

2. Make sure iCloud is Clean

iPhone has a different security system than Android phones. Until now, the iPhone’s security system is still difficult to penetrate.

When someone’s iPhone is lost, whether it was dropped or stolen by someone, the iPhone owner can easily lock his lost iPhone via iCloud. As a result, the iPhone cannot be used by other people.

Even though there are many iCloud bypass service providers, the fact is that they cannot make the bypassed iPhoneworkoptimally.

Therefore, ensuring iCloudis cleanis the next important thing when buying a used iPhone. So make sure you buy an iPhone whose iCloud has beenlogged outby the previous user.

3. Check IMEI

As is known, the government is currently starting to implement a policy to block cell phones whose IMEI is not registered with the Ministry of Industry.

And recently, there have been many ‘IMEI robberies’ on iPhones. The term ‘IMEI robbery’ refers to the blocking of iPhone IMEIs entering Indonesia viathe Black Market. An iPhone whose IMEI is blocked will automatically lose signal from the provider.

As far as we have observed on iPhone forums, not all providers have implemented this policy. But of course you want to use your iPhone with a safe and comfortable heart, right? So make sure the IMEI of the used iPhone you want to buy is registered with the Ministry of Industry.

To ensure that the used iPhone you buy is registered with the Ministry of Industry, the steps are as follows:

Check the purchase receipt:Through this receipt, you can find out where the previous iPhone owner purchased the iPhone. If the iPhone was purchased from an Apple Authorized Reseller (for example, iBox), then you can be sure that the IMEI of the iPhone has been registered with the Ministry of Industry.

Check via the Ministry of Industry’s website: If the previous iPhone owner cannot show the purchase receipt, one way to ensure that the iPhone’s IMEI has been registered with the Ministry of Industry is to check directly on the Ministry of Industry’s website.

4. Check the Healthy Battery Condition

This is an interesting feature available on iPhone. Through this iPhone feature, we can see what the condition of the used iPhone battery we want to buy is like. Try to buy an iPhone withBattery Health above 80%.

To see the battery health condition on your iPhone, do the following:

  • Enter the Settings menu
  • Select the Battery menu
  • Select Battery Health
  • Look at the Maximum Capacity section

However, it should be noted that you also cannot be pragmatic in assessingBattery Health. You also have to see how old the used iPhone you are buying is.

For example, if you buy an iPhone 8 that has been used for almost 2 years, of course it is normal for the battery’s health to decline due to use.

In fact, you should be careful when buying an iPhone 8 that has been used for almost 2 years but has a Battery Health of 99%. Because it could be that the iPhone battery has already been replaced.

If you are faced with this situation, what you have to make sure of is whether the iPhone battery was replaced with an original battery. To ensure this, you can ask for proof ofservicereceipt or other evidence.

4. True Tone is still active

True Tone is an advanced technology that can detect whether the screen used by an iPhone is original.

True Tone which is no longer active could be a sign that the iPhone screen has been replaced with a non-original screen. Of course you don’t want to get an iPhone with a screen that is no longer original, right?

So make sure you buy a used iPhone in activetrue tone condition.

5. Check Hardware Condition with 3UTools

3UTools is a tool that is trusted to measure the overall quality of iPhone hardware.

Here’s how to use 3uTools to check the used iPhone you want to buy:

  • Download and install the 3uTools application atwww.3u.comon your laptop or PC
  • Connect the iPhone you want to test to the computer using a USB cable
  • Wait a few moments until the iPhone connects to the computer

After a while, various data will appear about the iPhone you are going to buy, starting from Battery Health, to whether the iPhone components have ever been replaced.

6. Avoid buying used iPhones online

Seeing that the iPhone checking process is complicated, starting from iCloud, IMEI, to checking the condition of the hardware using 3uTools, buying a used iPhone online is not recommended.

This is because, when you buy a used iPhone online, it is impossible for you to carry out the checks mentioned above directly.

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