Top 10 Best Alternatives For Skype 2023

As always, I bring you an important and interesting article. So friends, I’m here with a new interesting and important article that offers 10 best alternatives for Skype for videophone calls.

Top 10 best alternatives for Skype 2019

Yes, friends, we will offer you the 10 best alternatives for Skype. We will also provide you with basic information about these 10 alternatives for Skype. So let’s start the article.

Top 10 Best Alternatives for Skype

As we discuss applications for video calls, let’s describe them first. The friends we all know about the video call and often use this feature to chat live with our friends and family members. We have described here excellent alternatives for Skype.

1. Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is the best of 10 alternatives for Skype. It is a communication service application that allows you instant messaging, a video call. It allows conversations between two or more users.
You will find above a brief description of Google Hangouts. We will now show you some steps to install on your phone.

How to install Google Hangouts on your Android device?

You need to follow a few steps below by following simple steps to install Google Hangouts on your device.

  • To download Google Hangouts to your device, you must first download the Hangouts plug-in .
  • After you have downloaded it completely, then quit all open browser windows.
  • After all this process, now launch the downloaded file and follow the installation guide.

Here are the steps to install Google Hangouts on your device. Let’s move on to our second best alternative for Skype.

2. IMO:

This is another better alternative to Skype. IMO refers to the International Maritime Organization. It is a messaging tool that allows you to talk with your loved ones and other people in your contact who also have the IMO app on their devices.

How to install IMO on your device?

  1. First, download the IMO app on your device. You can download IMO directly by clicking here .
  2. After the full download, you must install it on your device.
  3. If the installation process is complete, you can open the application.
  4. Now, register your account on IMO.

3. Viber:

We have listed Viber in the third number on our list. This is the third best application alternative to Skype. Viber is an application through which you can make phone calls and send SMS to anyone who also uses Viber.


  • You can make a clear video and audio call.
  • If you want to send photos to someone, you can use its Doodle function to make your photos more creative.
  • You can now share files with this application.

4. VSee:

VSee appears in the fourth issue of our list. This is the fourth best alternative to Skype. It provides you with a 4-way group video call, a fast text messaging service, a screen sharing with a clear interface and a 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi connection to work. And mainly used for video calls.

5. Jitsi:

Jitsi is our fifth app that ranks 5th on our list of Top 10 Alternatives for Skype. it is a free video conferencing, instant messaging and open source multi-platform.

6. FaceTime:

Our sixth application among the top 10 alternatives for Skype is the FaceTime app. FaceTime is an app developed by Apple incorporation. It can be used on multiple platforms.
A new audio-only version introduced by FaceTime and named FaceTime audio. The FaceTime protocol is fundamentally based on many open industry standards.

7. ooVoo:

After Jitsi, we will describe our next application among the top 10 alternatives for Skype. Yes, ooVoo is our seventh app. It is one of the largest text and video messaging service provider applications.

8. WebEx:

Webex is ranked eighth on our list of Top 10 Alternatives for Skype. It is a communication application that allows you to organize online meetings with anyone with a functional Internet connection. It can also help you in your minor business. You can present a product, make a sales presentation and organize an online training.

9. Voxox:

Our last last application among the top 10 alternatives for Skype is Voxox. Voxox is a communication service application that allows you to easily connect with your friends and family members.

10. GoToMeeting:

And the last but not the least application is the GoToMeeting app. The GoToMeeting app ranks 10th on our Top 10 Skype Alternatives list. It is a web-hosted service. It is an online meeting, video conferencing, and desktop sharing software that allows us to connect to users of other computers, clients, clients, or colleagues and uses the Internet connection to work.

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