Today we will see in this article how to transform audio messages into text messages for free . It is a very useful operation in situations where we cannot play audio messages and in many others …

Turn Audio Into Free Text Telegram and WhatsApp
Turn Audio Into Free Text Telegram and WhatsApp

Let’s start with the most developed messaging app in recent years,  Telegram.

Turn Audio Into Free Text Telegram and WhatsApp

On Telegram we have the possibility to use bots. Bots are nothing more than chats that allow us to perform various operations by indicating specific commands.

We have already seen specifically the bot to download from Youtube and a list of the best Bots .

Today we are going to discover  Transcriber bot  which will allow us to translate audio messages into text messages.

TELEGRAM GUIDE (Also WhatsApp audio)

  1. Open the Transcriber bot by clicking here
  2. Click on start at the bottom of the chat to start the bot
  3. Now a message will appear with the various languages. Click on the one you want, example  / Italian
  4. Now forward or send an audio directly to the bot that will reply to you, after analyzing the audio, with the text version of the message.

TIP:  You can also forward WhatsApp audio messages to the bot!

This bot can also be added in groups so as to automatically translate any audio sent into the group itself.


If instead you do not have Telegram (download it is free and it will allow you to take advantage of my Telegram channel and many bot functions!) You can use an external application that will allow you to transform audio messages into text messages.

  1. Download from the app for Android or for iOS
  2. Open WhatsApp and hold on an audio, click on share (from the menu at the top right) and select the previously downloaded app
  3. The app will reply to you with the text version of the message


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