Twitter’s “Dark Night” Dark Mode Finally Reaches Everyone

If you use the Twitter application on your Android, and you didn’t like the appearance of the dark mode, now you can activate Dark Night, 100% black backgrounds.

Twitter's "Dark Night" dark mode finally reaches everyone
Twitter’s “Dark Night” dark mode finally reaches everyone

Twitter’s “Dark Night” dark mode finally reaches everyone

When it comes to darkening an interface, developers usually use two methods: dark gray backgrounds without reaching black and 100% shades of that color, black . The difference can be radical, and not only in the visual appearance: with the black mobile phones with OLED screen spend slightly less. It is not a very appreciable difference, but there it is.

One of the applications that has been using the dark gray backgrounds for a long time is Twitter . The messaging app already offered a function to improve visibility at night, but we were surprised with an improvement in iOS that did not reach Android: Dark Night mode or Lights out , completely black backgrounds. This week this mode appeared in a beta of the app. Now it reaches all users.

Update your Twitter application: the completely dark mode is already included

At the beginning of the week we tell you how to put the dark mode in the application at the cost of joining the test group and download the beta . It was a fairly simple process, but there is no doubt that too many steps were needed to test a function that should have been on Android since it was released for iOS . He’s late, but he arrived: you don’t need any beta anymore.

The way to activate the 100% dark or Dark Night mode on Twitter is really simple:

  • Update your official Twitter application from the Google Play Store.
  • Open the app settings and go to the Screen and sound options.
  • Go to Dark Mode Appearance and activate Dark Night or Lights Out mode.

Ready: your Timeline will change to pure black to highlight the graphic content of the tweets, each user’s texts and their avatar. Twitter has achieved a very polished and attractive interface; maintaining consistency in all functions, from the representation of tweets to the configuration menus. If you are a fan of dark interfaces, do not hesitate to activate Dark Night.

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