Unlimited Ratio on YGGTorrent with Ratio Master

Unlimited Ratio on YGGTorrent with Ratio Master
Unlimited Ratio on YGGTorrent with Ratio Master

What is the ratio on a torrent tracker?

The ratio is the sum of the uploaded data divided by the sum of the uploaded data. If you upload as much data as you upload, then you have a ratio of 1.

The vast majority of trackers use this concept in order to wage war on leechers: literally speaking on leeches. That is to say, users who use lightly but never share anything.

In principle, using the ratio is a good thing. If we take the case ofYGGTorrent, the ratio should be kept at 1. You download 100GB of data, you have to share 100GB.

The problem is, we don’t all have the same connection quality. Some uploaders even use seedboxes to guarantee a constant seed (data availability). While others are forced to leave their computers on non-stop …

Finally, it happens as soon as you download a very little requested file and as a result your ratio goes up very little or not at all. It is out of the question to wait 1 freelance for this one to go up.

How to increase your ratio with Ratio Master?

Download Ratio Master byclicking here(the developer’s site is no longer active,).

Unzip the archive and double-click on RM.exe to launch the application (the application does not require installation)

Download a .torrent file from your tracker. In my caseYGGTorrent.

How to use Ratio Master?

The interface could not be simpler. The software has 5 tabs but only 2 deserve our attention.

General tab

First, if it has not already been done, change the language by clicking on the Language drop-down menu and choose French.

1. Drag and drop your .torrent file directly to the software window. If that doesn’t work, click on browsein the path field and find the previously downloaded .torrent file.

2. In the Options section you can set the upload speed, download speed, completion percentage and when you want to end the action.

I strongly recommend that you do not set a too high upload speed even if you have a good connection. In my case I am bundled with a 100 MB download, yet I do not voluntarily restrict the upload between 15 and 35 MB. Why? Because I don’t want to be burnt by the YGG Torrent admin.

3. I chose a stop after uploading 15GB, which is already twice the initial size of my file: it’s not bad.

You are free to set a given time, for example: upload for 20 minutes and stop.

In theStats section, there is aManual Update button. This allows you to update your ratio on the tracker at any time. But don’t press it too soon, because you won’t see anything convincing.

Advanced tab

4. Here you can choose the client used. This corresponds to the torrent software you are using to download the files. It doesn’t really matter, but if you have your favorite customer on the list, use it. This will enhance consistency.

5. The Speedpartof Random Upload and Downloadis very important. It will allow you to vary the upload and download speed as if you were in real sharing conditions.

The goal is to hide as much as possible that you are using an application that boosts your ratio. Constant speed would be seen as suspect.

You just have to click on the Start button and let the magic happen.


In this cat and mouse game with the administrators, I invite you toplay the game. Don’t try to significantly increase your ratio. In my case, I very rarely exceed 1.2 and I have never been burnt.

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