How to Unlock Kratos Skin in Fortnite

In an unprecedented collaboration, Sony teamed up with Epic Games to add Kratos, one of the most popular characters in the PlayStation universe, to the world of Fortnite as one of the hunters in Chapter 2 Season 5.

How to Unlock Kratos Skin in Fortnite
How to Unlock Kratos Skin in Fortnite

How to Unlock Kratos Skin in Fortnite

As of today, Kratos can be obtained in Fortnite as a skin. In fact, there are two variations of Kratos’ skin – one of them can be obtained for free, while the other has to be purchased with V-Bucks.

How to obtain the Kratos, Leviathan Ax and Guardian Shield skin

Kratos’ standard skin and items are available today at the Fortnite in-game store and are paid for cosmetics. The only way to obtain them is with V-Bucks, which can be earned by completing tasks in the game or by exchanging real money.

Price of Kratos skin and items in Fortnite

  • Kratos Skin – 1500 V-Bucks
  • Leviathan Ax (pickaxe) – 1000 V-Bucks
  • Guardian Shield (glider) – 800 V-Bucks
  • Total: 3300 V-Bucks

How to unlock Skin Armored Kratos in Fortnite

There is an armored version of Kratos’ Skin, in which case it can be obtained for free. The only condition is that you need to have a PlayStation 5.

To unlock Skin Armored Kratos you only have to play a game of Fortnite on PS5.

If you don’t have a PlayStation 5, you can always lend your account to a friend who has the console and ask them to complete a game to unlock the skin on your account.

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