How To Upgrade Android Mobile In Marshmallow 6.0

Today, in this article, we’re going to share some great stuff for your Android device. So friends, in this article we will show you a simple and basic tip that can help you and make you understand how to upgrade any android mobile in 6.0 Marshmallow.

How to upgrade Android mobile in Marshmallow 6.0
How to upgrade Android mobile in Marshmallow 6.0

But guys this method only works on the mobile phone of popular brands. This means that if you have a panasonic system , gionee, LG, Vivo, etc. This trick will not work for you, but if you have a brand name mobile known as Micromax, Samsung, etc. You can then upgrade your device, but sometimes the brand’s mobiles also need to be upgraded.

First of all, what is marshmallow ??? Friends, Marshmallow is the sixth major release of AOS, the Android operating system. Although, it was officially released in October 2015, but it was first introduced in May 2015. As a result, it works effectively on its Android Mobile users since October 2015.

The second question is: What is the upgrade? In simple terms, we can say that the upgrade is a process that replaces a product with its new version. In the computer world, we can often use the word upgrade to replace software, hardware, or firmware.

In addition to the two questions, the third and most important question is: what is the mobile upgrade ??? And why do we need to upgrade an Android mobile? Friends, upgrading a mobile means replacing your operating system from an older version with a newer one.

And we need to upgrade our operating system in order to take advantage of the new features of this Android system. Now, you have to think that how can we upgrade a mobile? So, friends here, I’ll let you learn how can you upgrade your mobile phone to marshmallow?

How to upgrade Android mobile in Marshmallow 6.0

Friends, many developers are now available on the Internet, who have created custom ROMs for some popular devices. In plain language, the custom ROM looks like a theme, but developers can upgrade anything that works with software.

This means that if you flash a custom ROM, your phone can update many things. But this will only be possible if your phone does not support OTG before upgrading, while the custom rom of your phone must support OTG. You can therefore use OTG after a custom flash memory. Therefore, you probably get it correctly.

Here is a list of popular mobile brands.

As a result, to help you further, I mentioned some popular brands, in which you can use this stuff that I will describe in the next section below. So, if your device is one of the brands mentioned below, there is a 90% chance that your Android device will be upgraded.


Above, we provide popular mobile brands, and we will now talk about some brands that are no longer popular today. Therefore, we can not use these types of marks.

Brands List in which trick can not work

There are certain brands in which a given thing does not work for any reason. Therefore, you must know the names of certain brands and I mention some of these marks below:


System Requirements for Upgrading Any Android Mobile

Guys before upgrading any Android mobile , you must complete all the requirements below.

    • Rooted Android phone ( How to root Android without PC )
    • You need to install a custom recovery (Find on Google)

These are some basic requirements that you must complete before proceeding with the upgrade procedure of any Android device. And now, I will describe how to find custom ROMs for your Android in the next section.

How to find custom ROMs for any device.

We mention here two ways to find a custom ROM for your Android device. This can be useful for upgrading the version of your Android phone.

1- First, you need to search Google for custom ROMs on your phone.

2- Next, you need to find your device on the XDA Developers website.

After that, you need to open the ROM section and then select anyone.

Then it will provide you with a ROM link with the requirements and flashing steps.

In addition, I recommend that you read all comments on this section because some developers also download fake files. So, first, read all the comments and then continue. You can also learn more about bugs and stuff because a ROM can upgrade your device, but the ROM contains some bugs, just like a ROM contains a camera bug.

This means that you can not use your phone’s camera on this ROM. Read them carefully. and only then, flash.

Final words

Finally friends, it’s time to end the article. As a result, I want to thank you for all your visits to my site. I hope you like this article.

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