How To Upload VLC Content To Chromecast

Upload VLC content to Chromecast: VLC is one of the most popular free and open PC media players we can find. Its great success is mainly due to the fact that it supports virtually any audio and video format without the need to download, install or configure codecs.

How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast

Still, it’s also one of the most innovative, trying to bring users features not available in other media players, such as Chromecast support.

Chromecastis one of the essential devices in any home. We connect this device to a TV (or any screen) via the HDMI port and allow us to play video from various sources. Its original use is to allow us to send videos from a mobile phone to a television, especially on televisions that do not have a SmartTV function.

However, this is not the only use we can use, because together with the VLC player we can use this device to play movies on a computer and send them wirelessly to our TV.

All we need is to have a VLC player, a Chromecast, if possible, a second-generation or later (for the best possible performance) and a computer connected to the local network. We recommend connecting your computer to your network with a cable and Chromecast using Wi-Fi at 5 GHz for the best possible quality when transferring content.

How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast

The first thing we should do is to make sure we have a VLC playerinstalled on our computer. And if we have it, we need to make sure we have one of the latest versions installed, because Chromecast support has been in the player since version 3.0, but it was very unstable in the beginning.

If we already have it installed, the next thing we will do is open the video or movie we want to play and start watching it directly in VLC. Once the video is open (we can pause it), the next step is to tell the program to upload it to Chromecast.

To do this, select the“Playback” menu,and the“Processor” section.We can see that VLC automatically shows us all the casts of devices like Chromecast that we have with us.

The video will automatically start playing at your destination, Chromecast. While it will play there, we will not be able to see it from the VLC computer, although we will have to use it to control playback.

If we get tired of TV and want to go back to the computer, simply go back to the “Processor” section in the “Play” menu and select what we want to play“Local”.The video reappears on the PC.

Remote VLC control

One of the problems with sending content from your computer to your TV via Chromecast is that we won’t be able to control playback unless you transfer the keyboard to your TV or have it near your computer.

In this case, it is best to resort to one of the manywireless controlsthat allow us tocontrol the VLCfrom an Android or iOS mobile remotely. One of the most popular is VLC Remote, which we can also download for Android and iOS.

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