How To Use AnTuTu To Test Phone Speed

AnTuTu to Test Phone Speed: When you want to buy a cellphone, one of the considerations that someone sees besides the price is the performance of the smartphone. Does the phone have a good performance or not. The performance will greatly affect the comfort in using it every day.

How to Use AnTuTu to Test Phone Speed
How to Use AnTuTu to Test Phone Speed

But for those of you who are still beginners may be confused, how do you know the performance of an Android phone? One benchmark application that is quite well known is AnTuTu. Many people use AnTuTu to benchmark. How to use it is also easy, just follow the guidelines that I will write below.

How to use AnTuTu to Test Phone Speed

The AnTuTu application is available for both Android and iOS devices. So this tutorial can be followed by Android or iOS users. Download the AnTuTu application via the link below:

Download AnTuTu iOS

Download AnTuTu Android

If it’s already downloaded, please Buddy Androbuntu follow the steps below:

1. Allow the AnTuTu application to access several features on the mobile, such as media, SMS, and others.

2. Click theDownload & Install button. This is needed as a material to test your performance.

3. Click “Get from store”.

4. You will reenter the Application Store and be told to download the AnTuTu 3D Bench. This application contains videos and 3D images that are useful for analyzing the overall performance of your device. Click theDownload button.

5. After the additional applications above are downloaded, AnTuTu will immediately benchmark. All you have to do here is wait for the benchmark to finish.

6. You will see a mobile screen displaying heavy 3D videos and images.

7. After a few minutes, AnTuTu will display the score or the value of your device based on the results of the benchmark that was just done.

As you can see in the picture above, the score of the device that I use is around 78 thousand. Underneath Buddy Androbuntu can also see there are other scores. The higher the score, the better your device’s performance will be.

Conversely, the lower the worse the performance of your cellphone. If you want to buy a cellphone with fierce performance, make sure you have a high AnTuTu benchmark score. Especially phones that are devoted to gaming or heavy work.

It must really have a high benchmark score. The higher the benchmark score of a cellphone, this means that it can run heavy games and applications.

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