How to Use Discord for Virtual Classes 2021

Use Discord for Virtual Classes: As a result of the confinement, various student centers began to evaluate alternatives to teach the classes. Regardless of the degree of education, from initial stage groups to postgraduates, they have found their digital channel: Discord.

In its early days, Discord was Eden for thegamer community. However,the platform added a module for virtual classes.

How to Use Discord for Virtual Classes
How to Use Discord for Virtual Classes

How to Use Discord for Virtual Classes 2021

Its purpose is toprovide a didactic and comfortable space for both parties. Therefore, after this initiative, millions of students went from being in front of a blackboard to a screen. And in turn, teachers, professors or instructors have adapted to this modality.

Just like you, we also have that feeling that it is what you have been looking for. Read on to find out how it works. And, if you haven’t heard of Discord before, the most important thing is that you know the basics, before getting into the subject.

What is Discord?

It is a platform that allows you to communicate with several people through private servers and channels.

Currently, it has reached a number of users that exceed 90 million around the world. For this reason, it has gained the popularity and credibility necessary to establish working groups safely.

Who uses Discord?

  • Players online.
  • Teachers and students.
  • Speakers.
  • Book clubs, yoga or other hobbies.
  • Health professionals to give consultations.
  • Youtubers to communicate with your subscribers.

In the same way, they have been used by many to broadcast weddings and other live events during this pandemic period.

How does Discord work?

Discord provides the channel you need through:

  • Servers:Private spaces that you can enter only by invitation. In other words, think of the server as your classroom.
  • Channels: The servers are organized into individual channels where you interact with students or other teachers. Among which coexist text channels (messages and file transfer), and voice channels (where you can teach your class live).
  • Moderator bots: These fulfill specific jobs and functions. Bots are usually installed within servers or channels. These save you time when repeating a regular task or comment. Let’s say it could be a welcome, a reminder of the regulations or notify when you will be absent.

Download Discord

Since you have become a bit familiar with the system, proceed to install it on your device to move on. You can download Discord for free on your desktop, iOS and Android devices, or access it through your web browser.





Then, once installed, sign up. Remember to enter your email and open the email sent by Discord to verify your account.

How to create a server in Discord?

If you want tocreate a server from scratch for your class, the steps are very simple. By opening the link, you will find astep-by-stepin each stage of creation for your virtual classroom.

The most important are the following:

  • Create a server.
  • Configure permissions or roles (teacher-student hierarchy). Example: Who can write, change nicknames, send files, manage channel members, among others.
  • Create text/voice channels.
  • Invite your students by entering username, ID number or link.

Discord Go Live: Lessons Remotely

This “Go Live” moduleallowsyouto share screen in real time with 10 or 50 users simultaneously. An excellent tool for presenting your class material and for discussion.

Students will only see what you share on your computer unless you turn on your camcorder. As you explain the topic, they can ask questions and you answer them as you would in a classroom.

How to start a Go live?

1. To start, log into the server, and select a voice channel by clicking the? Symbol.

2. Then press the camera button to broadcast live.

3. Choose the window or screen you want to share, press the “Go live” button and you will be sharing with your students.

Competition: Discord vs other platforms

When it comes to conferences and tools, Discord has managed to set ground against its competitors. Let’s see what makes it different from the other platforms that we already know.

Discord vs Skype

Due to its fame, we need to start with Skype, a pioneering platform when it comes to video calling.

Skype compresses the audio so that it travels “faster”, but results in lower quality. For its part,Discord modulates your voice, in case the level is very low. It also hasecho cancellation and noise suppression.

Discord vs Google Meets

Here it is a bit more difficult to decide who could take the winning belt.

In itself, Google Meets is a platform oriented to business conferences. And its most interesting function is that you can call the phone numbers of a participant if their internet connection is poor.

However, when we talk about the management of your students, you have theoption of creating channels to keep a better order. That is, you can allocate channels for “Activities”, “Materials”, “Doubts” or “Review”.

Discord vs Zoom

Let’s talk about price now: Discord offers more tools in its free version (remembering that Zoom has four different payment plans). And, an important aspect to consider as well, is thatDiscord does not require you to pay a Pro Plan to extend you +40 minutes.

On the other hand, Zoom has a greater capacity for participants per video call, reaching up to 1,000 people. This is only relevant if you coordinate a great event, but in case of having a regular class of 30-50 students, Discord is more than enough.

Discord vs WhatsApp

Certainly,at the user level, WhatsApp is simple, but not useful for teaching online classes. And yes, the fact that millions of users already use it is a valid point. But, video calls are currently limited to 8 people.

If you have a plan and aspire to maintain order, the best option for you is Discord. Having this ideal, WhatsApp would become a very informal communication platform for what we need in this case.

Discord vs Telegram

Both apps are free, intuitive, and allow users to easily invite others. However,Discord does have a screen sharing option.

This does not end here, Telegram wins a round. Since Discord allows file transfers with a limit of 8 MB. For its part, Telegram is more generous and offers you up to 1.5 GB. It will depend on the content you handle with your students.

Benefits of having Discord

As we mentioned before, the platform welcomed a large number of online players, why not take advantage of it?

It is likely that most of your students are already inside, and if not, here are other reasons to propose it.

  • It is compatible with most devices, both desktop and mobile phones.
  • It is a private system that is only entered by invitation.
  • It has good voice quality.
  • Allows you to link your YouTube account and other social networks.
  • Once class is over, they can continue playing.

Frequent questions

1. What is my Discord id?

This ID number is assigned to each user automatically when creating the account. It consists of four digits and is preceded by a number sign (#).It is important that it be sent to you exactly so that you can add it to the virtual classroom.

If your student is new to the platform, they should go toUser Settings> Accountto find out. There copy and paste the username or ID number.

2. Is there a minimum age for Discord?

According to regulations, students under the age of 13 cannot create an account for security reasons. However, we invite parents to register and under supervision, minors can attend virtual classes.

3. Do I have to pay to use Discord?

Fortunately, Discord presents most of its tools for free. Both the registration and the creation of servers and channels. However, it does offer paid plans that, in addition to having low cost, do not represent an impediment to take your classes online.


We all know that education is the foundation of development for any community. And it won’t be enough just to send PDFs and voice notes to students.That connection must be maintained, even though we are apart. And as technology advances, we get a little closer.

That is why the concept and purpose of DiscordClassroom is not far from this need. Probably for many teachers this is a new experience, so the ideal tool is already just a click away.

Provides servers, channels, and various cool collaboration features. Now that you know everything about this platform, we are sure that you will be able to take advantage of it not only in classes but in all your conversations.

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