10 Useful Apps You Should Download on Your Phone

There’s no denying it, since smartphones were launched they’ve made our day-to-day life much easier.

Ten Useful Apps You Should Download on Your Phone

Ten Useful Apps You Should Download on Your Phone

However, how about taking advantage of our tips today to further optimize the use of your cell phone in your routine? That’s why we’ve prepared a list of ten useful and free apps that you may not know about, but need to download on your device. Check out:


Need to communicate better? Then this app is ideal for you! With it, it is possible to assemble dynamic presentations, which allow navigation through a scenario. If you want to train while you’re on the go, just access the presentation through the app.

Available for download: Android, iOS, Web.


Want to learn new languages? Duolingo is a great option for this. Duolingo lessons adapt to the way you study. The exercises are designed to help you effectively learn and review vocabulary.

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and many other languages. It is considered the best basic education app.

Available for download: Android and iOS.


A personal trainer for your brain! Elevate uses artificial intelligence to design personalized workouts based on your interaction with the app. The more you use it, the better it gets to know you.

Once you’ve determined your goal, the app creates a personalized set of exercises tailored to your desired results.

And the best part is that in addition to training your concentration, expression, memory and information processing skills, it also scans texts and does calculations.

Available for download: Android and iOS.

Google Keep

Need a place to store your ideas? You can use Google Keep to jot down your ideas, checklists and even drawings. Keep everything organized in color like a sticky note board.

Available for download: Android, iOS, Web.

Pocket Guide

Taking care of finances is not an easy task, but Guia de Bolso is an excellent application to help you in this mission. It syncs with your bank account and helps you understand where your money is going, by categories. Also, you can plan your monthly budget.

Available for download: Android, iOS, Web.


Are you looking for places to have fun and eat well? On Kekanto, you can find places to go out with friends, family, or solo based on your location and what people think.

Download: Android, iOS, Web.

I got sick

How about taking advantage of a free app to make a buck? Tired of something that’s yours? Enjoei is an application that encourages conscious consumption that offers you the possibility to sell what you no longer use. And besides that you can find a lot of cool stuff to buy too.

Available for download: Android and iOS.


When it comes to exercising and taking care of your health, Runtastic helps you monitor your physical activities (running, walking, cycling) and share your progress with friends.

Available for download: Android and iOS.


An excellent option to make your cell phone faster and with a more resistant battery, removing residual files and even identifying duplicate photos that can be deleted.

Available for download: Android.

Forest: Stay Focused

There are days when it’s impossible to stay focused, isn’t it? Forest is for when you have difficulty focusing on a task and you don’t leave your cell phone, the app makes a tree grow, which dies if you enter another app, like your Facebook or Instagram.

Available for download: Android and iOS.

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