How To Become A Valorant Closed Beta Member?

Valorant Closed Beta Member: Riot Games’ new FPS game Valorant has been on the game agenda since it was announced. A move from the League of Legends producer against the Counter-Strike series, which has preserved its throne for years, excited the players.

How to Become a Valorant Closed Beta Member?
How to Become a Valorant Closed Beta Member?

We explained how you can get involved in the closed beta process of the game, the development process of which is meticulously carried out!

Can Valorant be the new favorite of players?

The game has many promises to CS: GO, its biggest rival. The most interesting of these is that there will be a definite fight against cheats in the game and the servers are set to 128 Tick.

In short, Valorant aims to create an environment that players want. If you wish, ” How to play Valorant closed beta?” Let’s call the answer to the question.

How to become a Valorant Closed Beta Member?

Riot Games ‘ Riot account system, which was launched last year, allows you to keep the progress of all your Riot games in one account. To register in Valorant, you must create the account required from the link here.

After creating a Riot account, you must integrate your account with Twitch. After logging into Twitch and finding the Connections tab in the Settings section, you need to select the Riot Games account and log in with the account information you created. Once logged in, Twitch and the game will become integrated.

After linking your account to Twitch, all you have to do is watch Valorant broadcasts. You can gain the right to participate in the game related item or closed beta by finding and watching the channels that broadcast the game live on the main page.

It is very important that the broadcast you will watch has the label “ Drops enabled ”. You can get the chance to join the closed beta by watching the publications with this label.

How to play Valorant closed beta?

While watching Valorant broadcasts, you should follow the notification that will come to you. There is no exact information about how long the next notification will reach you. This can be five minutes or two weeks. As long as you watch the broadcast, you can gain access to the closed beta.

If you receive a notification on Twitch that you have gained the right to participate, you must return to the game’s site and download the game to your computer.

The game is completely free to play, there is no requirement to subscribe to the broadcasters you watch. If you can earn the right to play the game, you can use this right indefinitely. The game, which we expect to transition to the open beta process soon, will be playable for everyone this year. Pleasant games!

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