Collection Of Video Content Ideas To Upload To IGTV

Video Content Ideas to Upload to IGTV: Still confused about making videos for IGTV? here are some reference ideas that you can try! Instagram on Thursday (21/6), officially launched IGTV, a platform for watching and uploading vertical videos with a duration of 15 seconds to 1 hour, exceeding the duration of videos on Instagram storiesand Instagramposts.

Video Content Ideas to Upload to IGTV
Video Content Ideas to Upload to IGTV

Although there is a separate application, IGTV is also available on the latest Instagram application in tab form. The account used for IGTV too, is the same account as Instagram. So, when we log into IGTV, videos will automatically appear from the accounts that we follow on Instagram.

The IGTV application can be installed for free for Android and iOS users to upload and watch videos in a full-screen vertical position.

downloadIGTV Android

downloadIGTV iOS

According to Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, the IGTV application is specifically designed to make it easier for users to find and watch videos via smartphones.

Because according to him, most video application users nowadays have to look for videos that they want to play, as opposed to television, where users only need to turn on and be able to watch shows.

Collection of Video Content Ideas to Upload to IGTV

Well, for those of you who have the desire to create interesting IGTV content, but are still confused about what kind of content to upload in this application, here are some videos content ideas that can be reference materials when starting to create interesting content on IGTV.


As we know, nowadays most people like to play mobile games, you can play games that are popular and start recording them with a screen recorder.

By playing games that are popular, it is likely that the videos we upload will easily get a lot of viewers. Because games are usually more and more popular, there are also many users, and the interest in watching video games will be even higher.

But the ability to play games plays a big role in determining whether or not the videos you make are attractive. You also need to understand a little about video editing so that the results are more interesting.

Unboxing / Product Reviews

Video unboxing or product reviews are a content trend that never ends, as we can find on Youtube, there are many unboxing videos or product reviews that have a large audience.

There are many products or items that can be used as material for making interesting unboxing videos or product reviews for IGTV. You just have to look for products that are interesting to discuss, and interesting in the eyes of many people.

Of course creativity in making product review video content determines the quality of the video produced, you can imitate some examples of popular unboxing videos.


If you have a hobby of traveling or visiting tourist attractions, there is nothing wrong with making video content for IGTV in the form of interesting stories, happy to be at a tourist spot. You can discuss all kinds of interesting things to tell.

You can also provide tips in the form of routes, recommendations for overnight places and places to eat, estimated budgets needed and interesting tourist attractions to visit.

Cover song

If you are good at playing a musical instrument or have a melodious voice, there’s nothing wrong with making a cover of a song that’s currently hitting in your own style. Or you can start by trying a cover song that you are good at.

Many people have succeeded in making cover videos for songs with large audiences. You must have your own characteristics and give the best appearance for maximum results.

Food / Dining Review

If you have an interest in the culinary world, you can try making videos about food reviews or places to eat. You can start by making reviews of traditional culinary or places to eat near your neighborhood.

This type of video content is popular with many people, because it cannot be denied that everyone must be thirsty for their eyes when they see photos or videos of food. Also people need references for new places to eat to visit.


Other interesting video content that you can create for IGTV is video challenges, there are many content ideas that can be made for video challenges, such as challenges to eat something, challenges to make something, challenges to makeup and others that you can do with friends or family.

Maybe you have to look for unique challenge ideas, you can look for references on Youtube, there are many challenges that you can emulate. Remember to be different from others in order to get a large audience.

Video Tutorials

Well, video tutorials are a type of video that will not be empty of viewers, especially for tutorials about things that many people do, for example, tutorials on playing games, cooking, makeup, design, or maybe you can make a “tutorial on how to pass CPNS” etc. Sometimes people watchabsurdtutorials because they contain funny and unique elements.

Game Tutorials

But currently what is popular is about mobile games, you can make tutorials on how to play mobile games that you are good at, maybe tutorials can speed up leveling up, or use certain heroes.

Like the legendary mobile games, AOV, PUBG Mobile, and other mobile games that are played by many people. But you have to really master the material or the technique of playing the game, so that many of the videos you make watch.

Makeup Tutorial

Especially for you girls, if you have a hobby in the world of makeup, there is nothing wrong with making your version of the makeup tutorial. Many have succeeded in getting large audiences from the makeup tutorial videos.

By making makeup tutorial videos, of course the target audience is women, where it cannot be denied that almost all women like makeup. Of course, this will make it easier for the videos that you make to be watched a lot, and it will be easy to benefit from endorsements of beauty products.

Cooking Tutorial

Another interesting video tutorial that will easily get a lot of viewers is a cooking tutorial video. There are many ideas that you can put into video form, such as cooking tutorials for vegetarians, healthy food cooking tutorials, European right cooking tutorials, Chinese etc.

The level of possibility that the video that you make is watched by many people is quite high if you make a cooking tutorial video, because everyone is sure to eat and needs new recipe references to try.

Actually, there are many types of videos that you can make, but the idea of ​​IGTV video content above is the type of video that many people are looking for, of course this will make it easier for you to get lots of views and lots of followers.

Hopefully this article can help you make interesting IGTV videos. If you have other video content ideas or have things to discuss, you can say them in the comments below. thank you.

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