How To Make YouTube Videos As WhatsApp Status

Make YouTube Videos as WhatsApp Status: YouTube is the most popular and most used video-based social media today. Besides being able to share YouTube video links to WhatsApp status, there are also ways to make YouTube videos as WhatsApp status.

How to Make YouTube Videos as WhatsApp Status
How to Make YouTube Videos as WhatsApp Status

We can find any videos on YouTube. We also often find cool videos on YouTube and want to share them on WhatsApp status.

However, unfortunately, there is no instant way to create a WhatsApp status in the form of a video from YouTube. Even so, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to create a WhatsApp status from a YouTube video.

How to Make WhatsApp Status with Video

Before inserting videos into WA, there are a few things you should know first. Only short videos with no more than 30 seconds in length can be used as WA status.

In addition, videos for WA status must be on your smartphone storage. You cannot create a WA status with videos from other sources such as YouTube or Facebook social media. So, like it or not, it means that you must have a video that will become a WA status.

There are 2 ways to create WhatsApp status with videos. The first way is through the WhatsApp application directly. While the second way is through the gallery orfile manageron the smartphone.

  • The first way, open the WhatsApp application and switch to the Status tab.
  • If you have not set a status altogether, press the Status I / My status. If you have made a status before, tap on the green camera icon at the bottom right to add a new photo or video status.
  • Now, just select the video you want to use as your WhatsApp status. The photos and videos displayed are sorted by the most recent photo or video.
  • You can swipe up on the screen to see more options for photos and videos.
  • After selecting the video you want to add to your WA status, now you can add captions, text, or stickers, or emojis. Tap the paper airplane icon on the right to send a video.
  • The second way, open your smartphone gallery. Select a video, and click the Share button. Next, select WhatsApp.
  • You can create captions, add text, or others. And click the paper airplane icon to make a video WhatsApp status.

How to Make YouTube Video Link as a WhatsApp Status

You can share the YouTube video link that you are watching on WhatsApp status. This is useful so that your friends who see your status and click on the link can immediately open the video on their respective YouTube.

Indirectly, you have shared the video with your friends. Here’s how to make a YouTube link as a WhatsApp status.

Open YouTube and select a video whose link you want to create a status for. Click the Share button.

A variety of options will appear, press the WhatsApp symbol.

Automatically, you will be transferred to the WhatsApp application and the YouTube video link was written. You just have to press the send button which is a paper airplane symbol to make it a WhatsApp status.

How to Download YouTube Videos then Insert the Video into WhatsApp Status

Because the video requirements for WA status must be on the smartphone storage, then you inevitably have to download the YouTube video that you want to use as WA status.

Here’s how to download YouTube videos to make WhatsApp status.

  • Open YouTube and open the video you want to share on WA status. Press the Share video button with an arrow icon towards the right.
  • In the various options that appear, select the Copy link/copy link to get the video link.
  • Open the browser on your smartphone. You can also use the Google Chrome application. Then, paste the YouTube video link that you copied and visit the link.
  • You will automatically be on the YouTube web page with the same video. Tap on the address bar and edit the link.
  • For the latest version of Google Chrome, you have to press the pencil icon on the right to edit the address or web link.
  • Now, add ss in front of so that the link looks like Press the enter key or visit the new address.
  • You are redirected to the web download page. Select the resolution and video format you want to download and click the Download button.

The video will automatically start downloading.

After the download is complete, you can immediately open the WhatsApp application and scroll to the Status tab. And create a new status.

By default, YouTube videos that have just finished downloading should be in the first queue. Tap the video.

Now you can add captions and so on. Tap the send button when done.

Wait for the video upload process and when it’s finished, then you have successfully shared the YouTube video to WA status.

How to Cut the Duration of the WhatsApp Video to Become a Status

If the video you want to use as a WA status is too long, then you can cut it in the WhatsApp application directly.

Here’s how to cut the video duration for WhatsApp status.

  • Open the WhatsApp application and scroll to the Status menu. And create a new status as usual.
  • Select the video whose duration you want to cut and put into WA status.
  • Now, a bright section will appear with respective dividers at both ends in the section of the video footage. The bright part is 30 seconds of video duration which will be used as status.

So, here you can select and cut the video duration. When finished, tap the paper airplane icon to send it to your WhatsApp status.

How to cut video duration with an Android application

Apart from the first method above, you can also cut the video duration using the Android application.

You can use various video cutting apps from the Google Play Store. One of them is the Video Splitter application: – SPLIT, SHARE, BREAK VIDEO

Download Video Splitter: – SPLIT, SHARE, BREAK VIDEO on Google Play Store

  • Once installed, open the application.
  • Tap on the Select File button to open the smartphone gallery.
  • Automatically, your smartphone gallery will open and select the video you want to share on WA status.
  • Tap the WhatsApp icon because it will be used as a WA status.
  • Wait for the video splitting process to be 30 seconds each. You can see the process on the Android notification panel.
  • After the video has finished splitting, select the WhatsApp icon again to share it there.
  • Select My status and tap the right arrow icon to send the video to WhatsApp status.
  • Now, your video will be split into several parts, each 30 seconds long. You can write a caption and add an emoji or text before sending the video to status.
  • Tap the submit button and wait until the video upload process is complete.

When finished, the video will appear in sequence according to the original order. The quality and resolution are not reduced, the audio quality is still good. And almost no delay when moving from one status bar to another status.

That’s how to make a YouTube video a WhatsApp status. Until now, there is no other way but to download the video. But, with the methods above it is not impossible to create a WhatsApp YouTube video status.

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