How to View Deleted Messages on Facebook

The social media application Facebook is currently still popular in Indonesia. This is proven by the results of calculations by the Ministry of Communication & Information which show that Facebook users in Indonesia have reached 43.6 million.

How to View Deleted Messages on Facebook

But behind its popularity, Facebook has problems. Namely, users have difficulty restoring deleted messages. However, don’t worry! Here’s how to view deleted messages on FB:

How to View Deleted Messages on Facebook

1. Restore Facebook Messages Via Chat Archive

The first way to view messages that have been deleted is to check the previously archived messages again. However, if the user has not archived, the message will be lost forever. The following are the steps to restore deleted messages via chat archive:

  • Open the Facebook chat application
  • Select the “see all conversations” menu
  • Then, click on the icon with the picture of “gear”
  • Then, view the archived conversation.
  • After that, all old conversations that have been deleted will be visible.

2. Look back at deleted FB messages, via the Facebook site

The next method can be used as an alternative way to view deleted messages on Facebook. Because, this method is quite effective in solving the problem of how to restore lost FB messages. The method is as follows:

  • The first step, visit and enter the site
  • After that, fill inyour emailand password data. If you don’t have one, you have to create a new Facebook account.
  • Then, go to the “settings” menu and then “click on the “user account general settings” option. After that, look for the “your Facebook account information” button.
  • After that, select the “Download Your Facebook Information” option and download the archive on Facebook.
  • To do this, click “create new file.” Then a notification will appear preparing the archive download process. Next, click “download” and enter your Facebook account identity. Also,passwordfor data verification. Then, click “download archive.” Then the downloaded message will enter the computer in “zip” format. To open the file, it must be changed to “word” or “PDF” format.
  • Then the contents of the message will be visible.

3. Sending Deleted Facebook Messages Again

Sending deleted Facebook messages again is a practical way to view deleted Facebook messages again. Because the friend you arechattingwith usually still saves it in the chat box. The method is as follows:

  • Go to the “Facebook chat” menu.
  • Select one of the friends you want to know about the contents of the deletedchat
  • Ask friends to resend old deletedchats.
  • Finally, wait a few moments until the requestedchat content is sent.

4. Find out the contents of messages with the Facebook Off-Network feature

Android users don’t need to worry if the contents of Facebook chats are deleted. The reason is, now Facebook has an offline Facebook feature. How to use it is very easy, namely:

  • Open the “file exploration” application on Android.
  • Then, open the internal or external storage media/open the storage area called “android”. Then, click the “data” storage area and open the ”cache ” file
  • When it’s done, then the content of the chat is in the “fb_temp.
  • Then click “fb temp. As a result, all contents of the Facebook chat will be open.

5. Use a special application to search for deleted messages on Facebook

If the four methods above are not effective enough to restore deleted messages on Facebook, then installing a special application to restore deleted Facebook messages could be a good choice. Because installing a special application to restore Facebook messages can restore all deleted Facebook data.

Apart from that, it can be used on all smartphone devices and the process is easy and fast. So users can save time to restore lost Facebook messages so users can focus on other work.

Thus, a complete discussion of 5 ways to view deleted messages on Facebook. Hopefully, this can help readers restore deleted Facebook conversations so that readers don’t have to be confused about this problem.

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