How To Easily View Location History From Google Maps

Either by necessity or by the simple desire to know, there are times when we want to know where our location was on a certain day. That is why, in the following writing, we show you how toview your Google Maps location history in an easy and fast way.

How To Easily View Location History From Google Maps

Fortunately, the Android operating system includes a very interesting and useful feature called “Google Maps Timeline”. By having it enabled along with the “location” on your active mobile, a record of the sites you visit is stored.

So it is possible to see in detail and at any timethe places where you werepresent last week, six months ago or even in these two years or more, on a specific day and time.

View your Google Maps location history

To be able to observe the history of your visits, you must make sure that your mobile phone has the “location” function active.In this way, you will ensure that your locations are being saved at all times.

To view the data of your previous locations on your computer, do the following: 1.

  1. Go toGoogle Maps
  2. Login with the account you use on your Android operating system.

Head over tothe left sidebar.

Find where it says ”Chronology or your routes.”

You will observe a calendar, whichwill indicate the places you have visited per dayand, in turn, you will be able to see them represented on the map with a red dot.

When choosing a specific day, wevisualize in detail all the spaces you visited, the time you were there, the routes you traveled to get there and the means of transport you used to get around (bus, car, bicycle, walking, among others).

Activate and deactivate your location record

When accessing the history of the sites you have visited, itis possible to disable the option so that your location is no longer stored. However, it can be reactivated at any time you want.

The first thing you should do is go to the menu at the bottom of the screen and select the option “Enable location history.”

Enable or disablethe “Location History” option.

In the same way, in the image that we leave above, you can also see how to delete the search history of Google Maps. Regarding the data saved so far or stopping the registration of your locations, but keeping all the previous ones.

Another interesting option offered by Google Maps isthe possibility of downloading a copy of the data.

How to see the recent history of Google Maps through the application?

There is a quick way to see from your Android device the places you have visited lately, as well as the ones you have searched for.

If you want to see the recent search history, you will have to start by opening the Google maps application and doing the following steps:

The first thing will be to touch the icon that is at the top on the left side:

You will see a short list of places, but if you want a more complete one, you will have to go down to ”More from recent history “

In case you want to see the places you have been recently, you will have to follow these instructions:
When you open the application, you will have a series of options at the bottom. You must select ” Saved

Here you can see where you were yesterday, the places, the cities and which countries you have visited lately. On the other hand, you have the option of making your list of “Favorites”, “To visit”, ”Featured places”and ”Tagged“.

iPhone location history

Because they have different interfaces, the way to find the location history on an iPhone device differs from Android.

One fact that you may not have known is that the iPhonehas a precise method to record the locations where you have been. Next, we will show you where it is on the cell phone and how to delete it:

  1. The first thing you should do is go to the“Settings”of your phone and then go down to the“Privacy” section.
  2. Once inside, you have to select“Location”.
  3. You will find a series of options, but what interests you is to go to“System Services”.
  4. The next thing will be to go to“Frequent locations”.

Here you can view the “History” of the cities you have been to, along with the exact date and time. The moment you select any of the options, you will be able to see the detailed map where you have been and for how long.

In case you want to delete the history records, you will have to go back to “Frequent locations” where you will select ”Clear history” to get rid of it. You have the alternative that your iPhone stops registering your locations, and it is in the same section.

WhatsApp location history

Not many people know about this option or are simply not aware of the uses it can be used for, but itis possible to share your location via WhatsAppto your contacts with just a few clicks.

It is an alternative that could save your life, in case you are in danger and want a friend to help you.

For this, you will not need an extra application,you will only have to have WhatsApp. First, you must open the chat you had with a trusted person and go to the section (the one next to the camera) of the icon that looks like a paper clip.

Among the many options that they offer you,you have to choose the one that says “Location”.Keep in mind that you must authorize some permits, but as soon as you do, you will be able to share in real-time where you are and the route you are traveling.

Frequent questions

How to view someone else’s location history?

Knowing where another person was can be very useful, some think that it is only to prove the fidelity of a couple, but, in fact, italso works if someone is missingThis information that could save someone’s life!

It is worth emphasizing that, to perform the following method, that person must have an account onGoogle maps.

Practically the procedure will be the same that we explained during the writing.Unlike that you will need that person’s account and passwordto enter from your own Google maps application.

From there, you will be able to visualize where you are currently and the places you have been.

Also, there are certain applications specialized in searching for people that can help you, such as:

  • IMEI Tracker, but for this you must have the identification code of the mobile device.
  • You also have “IPlogger”, in this case, you need the other person to send you the IPLogger link to know where it is.

There aredifferent apps that will provide you with information about where an individual iswithout them realizing it, but for this, you must install the tool on that person’s phone beforehand.

Is it possible to recover a deleted location history?

There really is no way to get it back once it has been manually removed by the Google account owner. So you won’t be able to see your Google maps search history.

The only existing method to do this is ifa backup has been made previously. This will be the only way it can be seen again on other phones, this applies to both Android and iPhone devices.

Why is it necessary to know how to view the location history in Google maps?

If you once visited a place, but you don’t remember how to get there or you went by car and now you want to go by bus, it is useful to have access to the history of the places you have been recently.

That is why technology has implemented tools to view maps and know routes on our mobile device.

We mentioned this before, but we would like to repeat it:It is not only to check where our partner has been, it can also be used in other things: Marking locations, seeing different ways to get to the place, knowing the time it will take, among others.

Final Details on Google Maps Location History

You must bear in mind thatthe record of the places you visit is not always savedand that, on certain occasions, it is not presented accurately or completely.

Unfortunately, there are days where locations are saved, but others are not. This is due to certain details that vary, such as the coverage capacity of your phone.

If the energy saving mode or airplane mode is active and if the location of the mobile is active.

In short, in one way or another the location history of Google Maps represents a very useful tool that can get you out of many doubts in the future.

We hope now you know how toview location history in Google mapsand you will learn to delete it in case you no longer need it.

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