What is Chrono | Everything You Need to Know

The character system with various skills differentiates Free Fire from other mobile battle royale games. Free Fire continues to bring more characters with different abilities, stories and backgrounds.

What is Chrono | Everything You Need to Know
What is Chrono | Everything You Need to Know

What is Chrono | Everything You Need to Know

Free Fire’s newest character is Chrono which is taken from the world-famous footballer, Christiano Ronaldo. This time, We will discuss everything about the Chrono Character, from the story, abilities, strategy, and more.

Chrono Free Fire Character Background

When the dimensional barrier of the world is destroyed by a mysterious device from the evil organization, many killer drones appear from the portal and this is where Chrono begins his action.

Chrono, the newest character in Free Fire, comes from a different dimension, he is a kind of “cross-dimensional police”, whose job is to enforce the law and prevent crimes from destroying the world.

Chrono saw thousands of worlds and fought thousands of enemies, while he only had one barrier skill, Time-Turner. With this skill Chrono can do many things such as make a shield and use it to fight.

Chrono Skill

This skill is one of the most complicated abilities in Free Fire. When activated, Time Turner will generate a stationary force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies and increases team movement speed in the area for 15 seconds.

Cooldown skill and movement speed bonus increase with level. The player can shoot the enemy from the bubble and the enemy cannot respond.

  • Level 1: Movement Speed increased by 15%. 55 seconds cooldown.
  • Level 2: Movement Speed increased by 20%. 54 seconds cooldown.
  • Level 3: Movement Speed increased by 25%. Cooldown 52 seconds.
  • Level 4: Movement Speed increased by 30%. 49 seconds cooldown.
  • Level 5: Movement Speed increased by 35%. Cooldown 45 seconds.
  • Level 6: Movement Speed increased by 40%. 40 seconds cooldown

Damage 500 from the shield increases X3 HP, when combined with the large bonus of movement speed, players can be immune. The cooldown is quite low at 40 seconds. Even faster than Alok, and Chrono’s bonus movement speed is almost three times that of Alok.

Unlike Alok’s Drop the beat, this Bubble doesn’t follow Chrono’s movements. Therefore, it is useless no matter how big. Overall, this is the ultimate counter skill, players can immediately use it when the enemy starts shooting, then attacks the enemy back.

Generally, people would run away instead of fighting those 500 HP walls. These bubbles don’t block movement, so enemies can get past them.

With a duration of 10 seconds, players can master the field, so players can heal teammates who knock and heal themselves using medkits.

Combination of Chrono Skills

The Chrono skill is quite flexible, it can be used for almost everything, even if the player doesn’t use a certain build skill. Rafael and Laura’s sniper combo might be the first choice, long-range enemies have no choice but to retreat if they can’t break the barrier plus these two skills, players can last a long time.

The close combat combo with Alok and K would be good too. If the player was previously exposed to a lot of damage, the barrier will provide temporary protection to the character, so that Alok and K’s skills can heal again. Players can also use a medkit if the enemy can’t reach the location fast enough.

Weapons Suitable for Chrono

Chrono’s “ Time Turner ” barrier skill which functions as an emergency shield, the sniper build can be stronger than before. Even if the enemy did detect it, they would not be able to retaliate, so this was an opportunity to fire the enemy out.

Using this barrier is tricky enough in close range firefights, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Use high damage weapons like rifles to take advantage of the Chrono barrier duration.

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