WhatsApp Business Suitable For Online Shop Owners?

Whatsapp business has some excellent features that are not available in the regular version of WhatsApp, so it is suitable for online shop owners who still use WhatsApp to communicate with consumers or prospective buyers.

WhatsApp Business Suitable for Online Shop Owners?
WhatsApp Business Suitable for Online Shop Owners?

By using a business account on WhatsApp, communication with consumers will be easier, for example, we can set an auto-reply when a buyer sends a message, even we can also set a reply when there is an incoming message when the store closes so that potential buyers can immediately know when The shop is closing.

Another advantage of WhatsApp business is the fast reply feature where we can set the contents of the desired reply, for example, replies in the form of an online store account number, price, stock, and others so that we do not need to write many times when someone asks.

How to register WhatsApp Business

To create a business account is not much different from when creating a regular WhatsApp account, download the applicationfrom the Google Play Storeand then register using an active mobile number.

Important:the current account name on WhatsApp business cannot be changedso once you make it it will forever use the account name, so think carefully about the account name during the registration process.

After the account is created, then we can immediately make settings such as changing profile photos, determining business categories, hours of operation, or web pages by accessing the Settingsmenu –Business Settings.

From the same menu, we can also set greetings, messages outside working hours, or fast reply.

What are the WhatsApp business features?

  1. It can run in conjunction with ordinary WhatsApp, meaning we can install two WhatsApp namely the regular version and the business version on the same cellphone.
  2. Can register using a fixed line or cell phone number.
  3. There are features of quick reply, automatic reply, and greetings.
  4. On the profile page a business account description, business description, hours of operation, and a web page will appear.
  5. Account names (display names) cannot be changed like regular WhatsApp accounts.

Conclusion: WhatsApp business is very suitable for those who sell online and still use WhatsApp for communication, with this version communication becomes easier and faster because it is equipped with the automatic reply, fast reply, and other features.

Interestingly, this business versioncan be installed together with the regular version so if you want to install WhatsApp the business doesn’t need to replace/buy a new cellphone, just install it on the same cellphone and then create a business account.

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