WhatsApp Mod By Lucky Patcher (Hide Privacy + 10 Features)

WhatsApp mod is applicable on Android without installing any modified WhatsApp apk (application), just install Lucky Patcher and apply the specific patch to unlock numerous features, let’s see in detail how to do it and what it is.

WhatsApp mod by Lucky Patcher (hide privacy + 10 features)
WhatsApp mod by Lucky Patcher (hide privacy + 10 features)

WhatsApp mod by Lucky Patcher

First of all you need to have root permissions on your device, they can be obtained differently from device to device and in most cases it goes to invalidate the warranty, so it’s up to you.

Lucky Patcher

After obtaining root permissions, or if you already have them, install the Lucky Patch application from thedownload linkor you can read the specific guide to Lucky Patcher with all the details about this app.

After installing it we open the app and at the first start will ask us to grant root permissions, we give permission and wait for all applications to load.

On each app you can make different changes, we click on WhatsApp and then on Open patch menu, in the next menu we click on specific Patch and now let’s see which patch to choose.

Among the various specific patches, those that should be taken into consideration and that I have personally tested are two:


The characteristics of the two patches are the same, the differences and that in the first patch you will block your access so that no one can see it, in my test the access time remained blocked the day I made the patch, in the second privacy instead you will have all the changes and access will be visible.

Now let’s see all the changes that are made with Whatsapp mod:
  • Disable pop-up notifications
  • Last access disabilities, blue check, I’m writing …, blue check the audio
  • Send images in HD
  • Unlock hidden features
  • Maximum large increase of files sent to 72MB
  • Send more than 10 images at once
  • State character limit set to 255 characters
  • Removing post author details during copy and paste
  • Increase in characters when copying videos / photos
  • Disable proximity sensor during audio listening

These are all the features that you will unlock if you apply the patch, which you can then safely remove by clicking on remove odex changes, which can be found intoolsby clicking on the modified app.

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