Whatsapp Native Version For Windows And Mac And Install It

The new version allows you to send and receive messages without having a browser window open, as was the case with WhatsApp Web, and includes notifications.

WhatsApp, the messaging application used by 900 million users worldwide, has just launched anative desktop version (PC or Mac), which is installed on the system and can remain open while other tasks are being performed.

Whatsapp Native Version for Windows and Mac and Install it
Whatsapp Native Version for Windows and Mac and Install it

Like WhatsApp Web, the desktop client allows us to send and receive messages as long as our mobile is turned on and we have linked both applications through a QR code.

Step by step: How to download and install the WhatsApp Native Version for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp desktop, you can downloadfrom its websitefrom your computer’s browser. It is necessary to haveWindows 8or higher or Mac OS 10.9 or higher. Once the application is installed, it is necessary toopen the application also on the mobile phone to scan the QR code, just like in the WhatsApp Web version.

  1. Download WhatsAppon your computer and install it.
  2. Open the application A window with theQR code will appear.
  3. If it wasn’t,update WhatsAppon your mobile phone to avoid possible problems. Do it from the ‘App Store’ on Apple devices and ‘Play Store’ on Android.
  4. Open WhatsApp on your mobileand go to the ‘Settings’ tab. It is usually an icon in the top menu (• • •). Then click on‘WhatsApp web’

Like WhatsApp Web, but without the browser open

WhatsApp has already launched an interface to send messages from the computer, at the request of users. Access could only be done via the web.A year and a half later, helaunched the desktop version, which prevents us from having an open browser tab, is always available andhas a better notification system.


The WhatsApp desktop interfacedoes not show substantial improvements with respect to the web version. In addition, it is not possible to link the WhatsApp account directly with the application to avoid having the mobile phone turned on, which, in addition to assuming an inconvenience, adds extra battery and data consumption if you are not connected to a network Wifi.

The company justifies this decision to have the phone turned on in which the communication with the user is always carried out directly and without the need to have to store the messages on a server:the messages are downloaded directly to the deviceand it is this that distribute them later to the customers we have authorized.


With this release, there is only one fringe left:WhatsApp for iPad. While Android users can install the WhatsApp client on a tablet, Apple users cannot officially install the client

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