WhatsApp Stickers: Here’s How To Create One’s Own WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp stickers or stickers have been successful since their deployment on the WhatsApp messaging application. Although the application on Android & iOS contains many sticker packs, you can create your own WhatsApp stickers with your photos.

WhatsApp Stickers: Here's How To Create One's Own WhatsApp Stickers
WhatsApp Stickers: Here’s How To Create One’s Own WhatsApp Stickers

Stickers were expected by WhatsApp users. It should be noted that WhatsApp’s competitors such as Messenger, WeChat and other email apps have been offering sticker packs for a long time.

Have not you tested the stickers for WhatsApp yet? Discover them in this article, currently there are 12 sticker packs in the WhatsApp app . All the time, if you want to create your own stickers for WhatsApp, here’s how to do it easily.

How to turn your photos into stickers for WhatsApp

We will use the Android application “StickerMaker” to create our personalized stickers with our own photos.

Step 1: Download StickerMaker for Android on Google PlayStore or WAStickers for iPhone on App Store.

Step 2: Create a new sticker pack, give it a name and enter the name of the author (your name).

Step 3: Our pack is created, it’s time to add stickers. Click on the pack and add images.

Your sticker pack can contain up to 30 images but for it to be valid, it must contain at least 3 images as well as the header image of the package.

Step 4: Once the stickers ready, just click on “Add to WhatsApp” to add them on WhatsApp.

Step 5: Open WhatsApp and you should see your stickers and share them easily in WhatsApp conversations.


You’ve learned how to make your own stickers for WhatsApp, so wow your WhatsApp contacts with this tip.

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