Where To Get Taproot In Skyrim?

In the computer game, Skyrim contains many small items that you will definitely be able to use when you complete missions and additions. These include the taproot in Skyrim, which will be discussed below.

Where to Get Taproot in Skyrim?
Where to Get Taproot in Skyrim?

Where to Get Taproot in Skyrim?

Product description

To begin, let’s talk about the subject. This ingredient can be used as food. If you eat for the first time, you will find one of its features. If your hero has the alchemy level, the definition of all four attributes will be much easier. The final product list is as follows:

  • Magic regeneration;
  • Magic restoration;
  • Improving the “illusion” ability;
  • Vulnerability for magic.

If you are an experienced alchemist, you can set all the features of the taproot in Skyrim at once. The ingredient is combined with many potions, so on the alchemical table, you should experiment by combining the elements with each other (if the hero has no recipes to work on).

Where to buy?

Whether rod roots can be spriggana stems. If you can’t find this enemy, try to find the item you want in the following places:

  • quarters of the archive at the university;
  • 2nd floor of Collegium Support Hall;
  • Fort Sangrad (next to the fireplace);
  • Temple of Nightmakers (alchemy room);
  • Solyund’s Lair’s mine;
  • Anis to the club.

In all these locations, you can find the two units of the object. And a random amount may fall from a young man’s trunk. You can also find the product with sellers who have a 15% chance of appearance. A stick unit weighs 0, 5 and costs only 15 gold.

Also, this thing occurs when passing several tasks written on it.

Participation in missions

Taproot will be needed during the “Healing at Home” mission in the “Dragonborn” supplement. When visiting a Tel-Mitrina pharmacy, you need to talk to Eline. It will ask you to bring 3 roots to put the mushroom bowl back. He cannot go there independently because of his age, so we agree to help.

You can give Elliniya the roots that you had before or go for research. It is possible to destroy 3 alcoholists in Solsteym. After that, you need to wet the roots in Skyrim.

To do this, go to the waterfall in Harstad. Behind him is a small cave where a young man is hiding. Kill him, run the water in the cave. This will absorb the items. It remains to return to Elinay and give two roots.

The third character orders us to put it on a wound wall. We go to the central hall of the tower and talk to Neloto. It shows us a painful wall where that thing will be applied. When you visit again, the wall will be healthy.

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