Youtube Go To Download Your Videos And Watch Them Offline

An application aimed at emerging countries that will save a lot of mobile rate data. Consuming YouTube videos on your mobile phone from your data rate can leave you without megabytes ahead of schedule.

YoutubeGo to Download Your Videos and Watch them Offline
YoutubeGo to Download Your Videos and Watch them Offline

However, the times when we most need YouTube to entertain us, such as trips on public transport, we do not have a Wi-Fi network of guarantees to hook us to enjoy the videos of this platform.

YoutubeGo to Download Your Videos and Watch them Offline

With the aim of favoring entertainment for this type of users,YouTube has launched YouTube GO,a new application (announced several months ago) that has been in beta since then.It is a free app that will allow you to download videos from YouTube to watch them later.

Therefore, before leaving home, you can download the video you want to consume it at any time without having to end your data rate earlier than expected.

How to install YouTube GO on your mobile phone

The application has already been launched in several countries, among which is Spain. Therefore, to download it you will only have togo to the Play Store and search YouTube GO. However, if you still cannot enjoy it, you will also find it with its .apk extension (a package for the Android operating system), you can get it for Android before anyone else through the APKMirror website .

After downloading the APK file,you will have to allow the installation of applications of unknown origin in the Android phone settings . If you do not, you will not be able to continue with the application.

Once this is done, you will only have to start the installation (which requires authentication via SMS as in other platforms such as WhatsApp). Then you can navigate the YouTube Go interface with total freedom.

Download YoutubeGo

Choose the best option for your data rate

Since it is a first version of the application, you willnot be able to download all the videos on the platform yet . However, YouTube GO will give you the opportunity to play videos in basic quality, standard quality and high quality.

Thanks to this, a video with a standard video quality of 18.2 megabytes will barely weigh 2.5 megabytes in its most basic version and 26.9 in its high quality version.

When trying to download a video, the application explains that downloading is not possible since the author of the content “does not allow downloading.”

However, this option is expected to be enabled soon forcontent creators to enable this option and for their followers to view their videos offline.

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