Most Used Abbreviations In RRSS, WhatsApp Or Instagram

Abbreviations in RRSS, WhatsApp or Instagram: Every day, our friends, family, colleagues, etc. We use our phone, computer or tablet to write. We write faster and with fewer words each time.

Most Used Abbreviations in RRSS, WhatsApp or Instagram

This has caused abbreviations to become more and more common in our written dictionary with messaging apps like WhatsApp or Skype, and sometimes we don’t know what these abbreviations mean. It is also common to see the use of these abbreviations on social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, that we use frequently on a daily basis.

Social networks have become a part of our day because we can access them directly from our palm thanks to the connections of our mobile phones. In addition, we have the opportunity to send direct messages other than publishing and commenting on these applications.

It is undoubtedly created by the Millennials belt, that is, digital natives, have been created in recent years. Undoubtedly, these abbreviations are a new way to report that it is best to recognize them as soon as possible so that they do not have to think about what they mean or search for their meaning, and that they are coming to stay.

We will then review the most common abbreviations. I must say that they all came from English, an increasingly common language. Do not be left behind and find out what each of them means.


More andmore frequently used this abbreviation,loud laughas a means expressing“laugh out loud”means. We use this acronym when we think of something really funny. It is very common worldwide, but we can only use it in the form of speech.


This statement may seem a little rough. The translation given to him “laugh my ass off” dr.Yes, we noticed that we forget the frequently included F,LMFAO, but basically the F in the English abbreviation represents the famous phrase “curse/curse”; Translation.


“Rolling Down on the Ground”, If we want to go further, we can use the following statement:
“Rolling on the floor is laughing.” We will state that we cannot stop laughing with this.


Here we can talk about a commonly used abbreviation among young people like “Best Friend Forever” when friendship borders cross and friends occupy 24 hours a day.


We are in astonishment, but not really astonishment, he would like to say“What the hell”astonishment(But what the hell? What the hell?).If it is often used instead of a rough word, you can imagine which one it is.

in a short time

We have almost no time to write, but if we put this abbreviationas quickly aspossible” (as soon as possible) we mean it. You stick to one thing and it’s clear with this acronym.


This is likely to be known since it is still widely used on Twitter today.Itis known as“Trend Topic”. This abbreviation is used to know which terms or words are currently comments or retweets on the social network Twitter. It is a way to see which topics are discussed in RSS.


It is a tradition that the best accounts of the week are recommended on Twitter. “Follow the translations on Friday”. For this reason, Hashtag used on Fridays.


By the way (by the way). This abbreviation is used when we want to add something we initially forgot or when we want to clarify some issues.


“Oh my God” (Oh my God, oh my God)is a very popular phrase to express confusion Some prefer to translate the name of God to avoid using God’s name in vain. But come on, if something surprises you, here’s your statement.


“Too Much Information”, too much information. With this we mention that the information we receive seems important to us or they tell us a lot in a short time.


Theabbreviation for “Fuck My Life” inSpanishADV or “Asco De Vida” isalso very well known. It’s not really a good abbreviation, but it’s used a lot.


The acronym “Not safe for work” means “Not safe for work”. This is mostly used by post, as it is a warning, so you know it is not safe to see the information at work. Of course, something that your boss shouldn’t want you to watch while you’re working.


What does “Face to Face” or “Cara a Cara” mean in Spanish? With this abbreviation, we want to say that the best thing is that the speech remains personal.


If we see someone saying this, it means we’ll say “No Problem” or “No Problem” in Spanish. It is often used to indicate that what you are telling us looks true and we agree.


When we write this in a conversation, we say “Got To Go”, “I must go”. In this mode, we will state that we are in a hurry, without having to make too many explanations.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the abbreviations we have seen most recently on social networks, but without any real meaning. Basically, when someone writes a post on Facebook, we can say that as an author who wrote WARD or WARDIOLA as a comment, they mean they want to save it for later access. Don’t miss what people think of this acronym.


UAE is widely used in social networks to express love and affection for others. What these abbreviations mean means “Before Others”, which has been translated into Spanish. There is no doubt that this phrase is used by couples to say how important that person is in a few words.


If we see this comment on social networks, don’t worry. Translated into Spanish, this means “not to worry”, so something is not important to worry about that person.


When we post this abbreviation on one of our social networks, it means that this person does not exist. It literally means “Come Back Now”, which is translated into Spanish by “I’ll Be Back Now” in English.


What we see in the comments of Facebook or Instagram XOXO, what these abbreviations mean is that the person who wrote the message sends lots of kisses and hugs to the message recipient. It is a compassionate and easy way to say goodbye to someone or to express it.


This is not an abbreviation for this, but it is widely used in social networks to say that you are in love with someone who is a real loser. When someone writes this on their social networks, they want to state that the person they are talking to is a love at first sight.


This abbreviation can often be seen on Instagram or in some comments alongside some accounts. This means “Fan Club”, they are the people who follow this account, because they are fans of that character.


This abbreviation can be found on social networksbut was used as a result of the LOL game. In this game, it means “superpower”, what it means is that the character is the dominant, champion. When it comes to social networks, if we see this abbreviation, it means you’re a good player depending on the content.


Another abbreviation we can find on social networks is TTG. This means “I want you” and is used to express that you want to be with someone or in a more violent sense depending on the content you are on.

K and M

This is not a very abbreviation, but a number. Of course, we found these letters next to a few numbers in social networks. We’re talking about thousands of people in the case of K and in the case of millions of M. For example, 1K 1000 becomes 1M 1 million.


As you can see, emoji are not enough, but if we want to be up to date and know what our friends, children or grandchildren mean, we should also know the meaning of these abbreviations.

Since we don’t waste time, we already write an entire sentence by writing 3 or 4 letters. And what do you think? Do you miss good writing with all this?

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