How to Access Android Phone from PC Remotely

Access Android Phone From PC: AirDroid is an application that allows you to access your android phone from PC or laptop remotely via a Wi-Fi connection. This application was developed by Sand Studio and launched in 2011.

How To Access Android Phone From PC Remotely
How To Access Android Phone From PC Remotely

The initial idea that inspired them to develop AirDroid was that they were tired of connecting devices with PCs using a USB cable and had to install drivers first.

But besides accessing the smartphone via a PC remotely, AirDroid also has many other functions. Curious how to use it? Consider the following tips first.

How To Access Android Phone From PC Remotely

1. Make sure the Smartphone and PC Networks are the Same

Before starting this process, make sure your device and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Download the AirDroid Application

After that, download the AirDroid application on your smartphone through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Make sure the application that you download is developed by Sand Studio.

3. Sign Up for the AirDroid Application

After completing installation, open the AirDroid application and register your account. You can also register using a Facebook or Google account.

4. Connect with PC

On the main page of the AirDroid application select the AirDroid Web menu. To connect your smartphone there are two ways that can be used, namely:

Login to the then log in using your account or by scanning the QR code.

Connect using the IP address displayed on your smartphone. The trick is to enter the IP address into the address bar in your browser. Make sure your smartphone and PC use the same network.

After the IP address is entered, there will be a notification on your smartphone that contains a request to connect. Click Accept.

5. How to Access Files

After your smartphone and PC are connected, you can already use various AirDroid services. Like remote file transfer.

You do this through your desktop on the AirDroid website, click the Files icon. To move files from the PC to the smartphone, select it to the destination folder and click Upload on the top right.

After that there will be a new window where you can drag and drop the desired files from your PC. AirDroid will then start transferring files at a speed that depends on their size and speed of the internet connection.

To move files from the smartphone to the PC first select the desired file. Then click Download, which is next to the Upload button. Afterward the method is the same as the upload process.

6. How to Send a Message

Besides moving files, you can also send short messages using AirDroid. You do this by clicking on the Messages menu on the AirDroid website.

Later you will see your contact list on the left side of the screen. Select the contact you want to send a message. Type the contents of your message and click Send on the lower right side of the screen.

In addition to the two services above, you can also access various things from your smartphone remotely via a PC. Call it log phone calls, music, videos, applications, contacts, cameras, find lost smartphones and much more.

We hope that now you can access android phone from PC remotely.

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