How To Activate Wi-Fi Calling On Your IPhone

Over time, Apple has added more features to phone calls. Now and thanks to the telephone operators, the iPhone can also make calls through your home Wi-Fi. Let’s see how we can activate Wi-Fi calling on iPhone. Of course, first we must make sure that our operator supports this function.

How to Activate Wi-Fi Calling on Your iPhone
How to Activate Wi-Fi Calling on Your iPhone

Check the list of operators that support Wi-Fi calls

FaceTime has long had the ability to make audio calls. These occur through a Wi-Fi or cellular network , the latter depending on whether the operator supports it. In that case, calls via FaceTime audio do not count towards our monthly bill.

Calling over the Wi-Fi network is a technology that depends on the operators. Recently it has been deployed to several companies around the world , reaching Spain. In our country, these are the ones thatsupportWi-Fi calls on the iPhone:

  • Orange.
  • Movistar.
  • O2.

The case of O2 is not specified on the Apple website, but as a user I can confirm that it is an option. It is probably because it is a subsidiary of Movistar. The next step is to confirm that you have the latest carrier settings available:

  • Go to Settings> General> Information.

In case there are new settings, iOS will ask you if you want to update them. Since Wi-Fi calling on iPhone is relatively recent , you may have to go through this process before using it.

Activate Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone

Now that we have everything we need to activate Wi-Fi calling on the iPhone, let’s see what the process is like. We must follow these steps:

  • Open Settings and go to Phone.
  • Find and enter the Wi-Fi Calling section.
  • There you will see a button, activate it to turn on this function.
  • A notice will appear about the collection and use of location data. Accept it to use Wi-Fi calling.

That’s it. From now on, your calls will use the known Wi-Fi network that the iPhone is connected to. If this is of poor quality or you move away from the access point, your calls will probably be impacted.

There is an additional option that not all operators with Wi-Fi calling support. And it is the one that allows these calls on other devices with our Apple ID. Something that can be useful if we want to stop having the iPhone at hand.

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