Amazon Echo: How To Fix “It Looks Like Your Device Isn’t Registered”

Amazon Echo: Amazon’s home automation tool family has made great progress in terms of convenience, flexibility, and cost with Echo Dot. Dot is basically a voice-activated microcomputer with a network connection and a sophisticated audio interface in the form of the familiar Alexa app.

Amazon Echo: How to Fix "It looks like your device isn't registered"
Amazon Echo: How to Fix “It looks like your device isn’t registered”

The recent third-generation iteration of Dot has transformed an already useful platform into an excellent multimedia solution by massively updating the built-in speaker; for anyone who is not an audiophile, the new Dot speaker is of high quality and you can use it as the main speaker for music in any environment, such as an office or a bedroom.

Amazon Echo has been very well received in the tech-savvy market. It is particularly impressive given that the smart speaker market is quite new.

There are now millions of Echo devices around the world, which help us play music, turn the lights on and off, know the weather or traffic conditions.

What if it doesn’t work properly? How do you fix it without tearing your hair out? Although the Dot works correctly, no technological product is without problems.

One issue that Amazon Echo Dot owners have come across from time to time is an error in trying to register the device on WiFi.

In this article, I will show you how to fix this and register it properly for use.

Configure Echo Dot

A very common source of Echo Dot registration errors is an incorrectly completed installation routine. Before we get into the weeds of troubleshooting an error, let’s make sure your Dot was set up correctly in the first place.

Configure first and second-generation Echo Dot

  1. Deselect Echo Dot anddownload the Alexa app to your phoneif it isn’t already there.
  2. Place Echo Dot within range of the WiFi router and connect it. You should see the luminous ring turn blue and then orange. You will then listen to Alexa’s greeting.
  3. Go toSettings in the Alexa app and selectWi-Fi.
  4. Select your WiFi network and selectConnect.
  5. SelectAlexa Devicesfrom the app and select Echo Dot.
  6. SelectAdd Alexa device to Wi-Fi network.
  7. Hold down the Action button on the Echo Dot until the light ring turns orange.
  8. Select your WiFi from the list that appears in the Alexa app and enter the network password.
  9. Save your password in the Alexa app.
  10. SelectConnect to join Echo Dot to your WiFi network.

Configure third-generation Echo Dot

Amazon has made installation much easier for third-generation Dots.

  1. Deselect Echo Dot and download the Alexa app to your phone if it isn’t already there.
  2. Place Echo Dot within range of the WiFi router and connect it. The light ring will rotate for about a minute. You will then listen to Alexa greeting.
  3. Open the Alexa device and follow the instructions to enter the WiFi information.

Echo should now know its configuration details and will reconnect every time it turns off and on again or moves it to another room in the house. Now you can place Echo Dot anywhere within reach of a good wireless signal in the house.

How to fix “Your device appears not to be registered”

If your Dot has been set up correctly, it should work without problems. If you’re having trouble, follow these steps to connect Dot.

Restart the modem and restart Echo Dot

The first thing to try: turn it off and then on again. Many, many technical software problems are solved by simply restarting. Restart Dot and restart the router and check if the problem has been resolved.

Unsubscribe from Amazon Echo Dot

When you order a new Echo Dot from Amazon, it is registered to your account before it is shipped from Amazon.

However, if you are getting your used Dot, then it must be deleted from the previous owner’s account before you can use it. Ideally, the original owner should delete it before giving it to you, but this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes people forget or sometimes decide that it’s not their problem.

Here’s how to unsubscribe from Echo Dot if you are the original owner:

  1. Visit the Amazon websitefroma web browser.
  2. Select Settings from the menu on the left and select the Eco Dot you wish to unsubscribe.
  3. Select theUnregister button next to the point.
  4. Select it again to confirm.

This frees Echo Dot from being registered on someone else’s account. If you purchase second-hand Echo Dot and the original owner was unable or unwilling to cancel,contact Amazon Customer Supportand ask them to manually cancel it for you.

You can also unsubscribe with the Alexa app by selectingSettings,Device Settings,the name Echo Dot and scroll down toUnsubscribe.

Once the Dot has been cleared, you will need to set up the Echo Dot again as above.

Sometimes, the Echo Dot can be mistakenly reported as lost or stolen and does not allow it to be registered. Contacting Amazon customer support from the link above, it should help you solve the problem.

This is another known problem, especially if a device has been reported lost during transportation and therefore sold to an unaware buyer.

Simplify the network

If device registration isn’t a problem, maybe overlapping WiFi networks is too. Sometimes Echo Dot finds it difficult to differentiate between different channels or WiFi networks within the same property.

One way to work around this is to disable all other networks or second channels while recording Echo Dot. Once completed, you can turn them back on.

These are the ways I know of correcting Echo Dot registration errors. Do you know others? Tell us about them below!

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