Download Top 5 Android Applications To Detect Plagiarism

Making a paper is not as easy as it looks. Not just nails to complete a writing, in fact what is more important is how to create quality, unique, and original content. Unfortunately, most in society, especially among students, tend to copy and paste  articles from one source to another more often , whether in the form of essay writing or some kind of research paper.

Download Top 5 Android Applications to Detect Plagiarism
Download Top 5 Android Applications to Detect Plagiarism

This also becomes something that is difficult to avoid considering that copy-pasting is a shortcut that is considered the easiest to do to complete tiring essay assignments.

These things are what expose us to a big hurdle called plagiarism. And what needs to be done is to ensure that an article is original and not a plagiarism. Because if not, it would be very unethical and detrimental to the original author.

The problem of plagiarism itself is not only limited to tracing copies of the text, but can also be in the form of executing ideas that are similar to other people’s personal ideas. In fact, there are those who adopt a certain writing style from a certain writer, thus creating misunderstandings and suspicions whether the writing is the result of plagiarism or not.

Download Top 5 Android Applications to Detect Plagiarism

So, was the plagiarism intentional or not? Which will definitely be a big problem if you get caught doing plagiarism. To avoid this, always make sure to use an application to detect plagiarism or so-called plagiarism checker. This plagiarism detection application is widely available on Android and can be easily used on your smartphone.

If you are a blogger, student, or writer, then it is very important that you choose a plagiarism detector that is good and reliable. So, what is a good and recommended plagiarism checker application like ?

The following are characteristics that must be considered when using a plagiarism application.

  • Security is the most important issue when using applications. You may often hear that many lose their vital information after downloading third-party applications, plagiarism detection applications are no exception. Therefore, always look for applications that are safe for your privacy data.
  • Choose an application that offers multiple functions. Plagiarism checkers need to have these characteristics. For example, there are features that offer reference and citation styles.
  • Look for uniqueness in the application, one of which is looking for an application that offers the function of downloading plagiarism reports. It would be a plus if the app had plagiarism details checked.
  • Choose an app that provides comprehensive reports.
  • Look for applications that support multiple file formats. Your Android plagiarism checker should be able to support .docx, doc., And txt formats, etc.
  • A good plagiarism checker app should be able to spot other mistakes like misspelled words etc. Some applications also have deep search technology options. If the app uses multiple colors to highlight mistakes, it will be easier for you to pick up points.
  • Look for apps that offer free services. Use the trial version, then decide if you want to switch to the paid version.

The following are the best plagiarism checker apps on Android that you can try.

1. CA App

CA App

If you are looking for a good plagiarism checker, try using the CA App which you can get for free. This app can work for everything, be it web content, a research paper, or just an essay.

You just need to copy and paste the original content and the app will instantly detect plagiarism for you. Another plus that is no less important is that this application supports most file formats.

Download CA Plagiarism Checker

2. Copyleaks


The next plagiarism checker Android application is Copyleaks. The cool feature of this app is that it can scan documents and then immediately check for indications of plagiarism. Copyleaks is also quite easy to use even for new users.

Just like the other applications mentioned above, Copyleaks also supports many document formats. For students and bloggers who are in need of a practical plagiarism checker, Copyleaks is worth a try.

Download Copyleaks

3. Plagly

Plagly - Plagiarism Checker

Plagly Plagiarism Checker is a free plagiarism scanner commonly used to check the whole material including punctuation and syntax. For the desktop version, you can use this application directly without the need to download. But for mobile apps, of course you have to download them first.

The way this application works is very effective at detecting frequent errors and fixing them immediately in a few seconds. Apart from that, there is also a proofreading feature which suggests modifying sections of text, words or phrases, thereby expanding your writing.

Plagly Plagiarism Checker also functions to compare your writing results with billions of other similar posts so that their validity is tested. It’s no wonder, because this app uses AI and data analysis to test the app in real-time and produce results quickly.

Download Plagly

4. Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

If you want more advanced tools, then give the Prepostseo app a try. Unlike other plagiarism checker apps, Prepostseo not only checks for plagiarism of the required content but can paraphrase plagiarized sentences as well.

So, apart from checking the writing for plagiarism, this application also has other useful tools for checking grammar, punctuation, keywords, and is also able to paraphrase so that it helps you to create quality content.

And the thing that makes this application so efficient is AI technology. The refined application algorithm makes it the best among many similar software.

Download Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

5. Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism Detection is a popular desktop program that offers plagiarism checking in multiple languages. Its development into an Android application makes its reach even wider.

Apart from that, this application is also compatible with various file formats such as doc, Docx, HTML, and also pdf. These features make this application suitable and popular with students and bloggers alike.

With the internet, there are many sources of information and data that are widely and freely spread. But along with this, of course, is directly proportional to the scarcity of original ideas.

Copying someone’s idea and making it seem like their own is certainly not justified. Therefore, parties such as website owners, bloggers, teaching staff must be vigilant about plagiarism in order to protect the reputation of the organization or institution.

Download Plagiarism Detection

Therefore, the role and use of the plagiarism checking application is an important requirement. So, make sure you choose a plagiarism detector that is reliable.

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