Android O | How To Install It

Android O is official and already available as a developer preview. You can therefore install it now on your Nexus 5X or 6P, your Pixel C or your Google Pixel or Pixel XL if ever you are lucky enough to have in your possession one of the latest Google phones. You will then be able to benefit from all the news in preview.

Android O | How to Install it
Android O | How to Install it

How to install Android O on your Google Nexus or Pixel

Installing the Android O developer preview

  • On your PC, go toC: \ Program Files (x86) \ Android \ android-sdk \and copy all the files from the unzipped archive to theplatform-toolsfolder
  • Turn off your Android device and press the “Power” and “Volume +” keys for 10 seconds simultaneously to enter bootloader mode
  • Connect your mobile device to your PC using a USB cable
  • If you are on Windows, hold down the “Shift” key then right click on any empty space inside the platform-tools folder and select“Open Command Window Here”. If you are on Mac or Linux, open a terminal then change the directories to your platform-tools folder
  • Enter the following command and click Enter:
  • A series of letters and numbers will then be displayed. You can proceed to the next step by unlocking your bootloader, using the following command:
  • Double-click on theflash-all.batfile that you copied to your platform-tools folder, the installation of Android O will then start on your device
  • When the installation is complete, a “Completed” status will appear in your command prompt and your smartphone will restart. You can then safely disconnect it.

Now you can install Android O easily. If you have any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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