Best MMO Games With Fighting And Action

List of the best MMO games of the moment, with action, character development, and multiplayer fighting. Among the best games that we can use on a Windows PC, MMORPGs have stood out for many years, that is, role-playing games and shooters in which it is possible to challenge or team up with other online players, usually playing on a large common map.

Best MMO Games With Fighting and Action
Best MMO Games With Fighting and Action

These games are very famous and keep one of the most profitable businesses in the gaming field, as intercontinental and world tournaments are also organized to decide the strongest player or group of players.

In this guide we will show you in detail the bestMMOs (Mass Online Multiplayer) of the moment, the most played in the world, almost completely free, useful to start and have fun (often then to be competitive you need to spend some money but generally not there is never this obligation).

Best MMO Games of the moment

MMO is an online multiplayer game, with RPG components for role-playing, strategy, and combat. In fact, behind the MMO theme are hidden games that synthesizeaction and strategy,epic fights, character developmentand, above all, interaction with other players (a fundamental component for any massive online game).

Requirements for playing MMOs online

In order to play most of the games that we will show you below, a “super-mega-PC” is not required, but at least a machine capable of holding up to 100 opponents and allies on the screen without slowing down dramatically. In this regard, we invite you to check that your PC has a data sheet similar to the one shown above:

  • At least 2 GHz quad-core processor
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • SSD of at least 128 GB
  • The video card of at least 128 GB
  • Internal connection of at least 10 Mega in download and 5 Mega in upload
  • Windows 10 operating system

Among all the requirements, we mustpay close attention to the Internet connection, which is essential for being able to play online: if our connection is not adequate, we will have delays in the response of the commands, freeze during the most agitated actions and defeat pain without even having moved the avatar!

Best MMO Games to download for free on PC

Among thebest MMORPGs to fight together or against other playersareNeverwinter.

This free massive online game is based on the fantasy gameDungeons & Dragons, so it will faithfully follow the epic scenarios and confrontations that we can perform on the famous role-playing game.

The game stands out for its great fluidity and also offers the possibility of creating adventures to be made available to the community through the Foundry so that they can be rewarded and rewarded even for the most beautiful adventures reconstructed within the game. Excellent support for the Italian language, which is very rare in an environment where English is the master.

Alternatively, we can also try the Aion game.

This is undoubtedly one of the best MMORPGs that we can play because of the highly appreciated graphics sector, for the great character evolution capabilities and pleasantly fun game modes, such as the PvPvE arena (where there is a faction of uncontrollable game that will put the spins between us and our opponents, creating new situations in which enemies can suddenly become great friends).

If we are looking for a space adventure game, we recommend you tryDestiny 2.

The game boasts unique atmospheres, a very interesting gamplay and not least, there are many contents already in the Free-to-Play version, which will allow us to fully appreciate the game and thus obtain guaranteed fun for many hours. Very good also the updates and improvements applied by the development team, which therefore allow you to vary from time to time the missions and battles to face.

Are we looking for a very wild game, set in the world of Conan the barbarian? In that case, we must tryAge of Conan: Unchained now.

This massive online game will transport you into a very cruel and bloodthirsty world, where Conan’s universe has been recreated to perfection. As on other MMORPGs, we can create our character from nothing and accumulate experience points, to be used for new weapons or new skills.

Another title worth trying out isRIFT.

If we love the settings at the World of Warcraft, this is the game that we absolutely must try thanks to the classic game mechanics (very similar to WoW) and a high game immediacy, thanks to the editor of your character in which we can choose both the race to which the class will stand out in combat.

Other MMORPGs to try

If the games we mentioned above don’t convince us or we want to try others, here is a list of MMORPG games to try as alternatives:

    • Tera Risingis an MMO game of great graphic impact, free-to-play, with a dynamic action that will only thrill all players, both RPG experts and those who approach this world for the first time.
    • Path Of Exile, real alternative to Diablo as MMO.
  • Age of Wushuis a really cool martial arts fighting MMO game to watch and play on PC. The 3D graphics offer Japanese Zen scenarios and natural settings while the martial arts combat system is truly special and a must-try for fans.
  • Eden Ethernalis a fantasy game with more cartoon graphics, with a game system full of action and team strategy.
  • ElsWordis a game where you command a ninja who has to fight against the bad guys using his sword. With manga-style graphics, the action takes place very fast with side scrolling and many combos or special moves to use. Each character can be customized and transformed in an increasingly powerful way. ElsWord also has the Italian site for those who have difficulty playing English games.
  • Vindictusis a great game with 3D graphics where you lead a warrior who must fight against other players. It will probably deserve a more accurate review.
  • Dragon Nestis another free Japanese game with manga graphics very similar to that of cartoons. With warriors divided into classes and a combat system that leaves a lot of room for creativity.


For lovers of the MMORPG genre, you are really spoiled for choice, considering that most of the games of this type are offered for free or with a good free component, which allows you to play for many hours without getting bored.

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