List Of Best Programs And Sites To Listen To Podcasts

Sites to Listen to Podcasts: Whether it’s just a passing trend or a new great tool for sharing content, podcasts seem to be increasingly sought after and appreciated today. In fact, many decide to start their own adventure on different platforms, while others simply listen to their favorite programs.

In this article we will focus precisely on this latter type of user, trying to list the best websites and the best applications to use to listen to podcasts.

List of Best Programs and Sites to Listen to Podcasts
List of Best Programs and Sites to Listen to Podcasts

Best websites to listen to podcasts

One of the main methods of enjoying audio content is undoubtedly to use any web browser. By visiting the right sites, you will be able to browsehundreds ofmore or less knownprograms, then decide whether to start playing them directly from the same page. Let’s see which are the best.

Google Podcast

Let’s start with one of the easiest to use platforms, but also the “youngest” one. Google has in fact arrived a little late, but it has still managed to advertise and share its service in the best way. By clicking onthis linkyou can in fact view the most successful contents, or search for those you already know. Obviously everything will work through aGoogle accountand will be synchronized between all devices.


In addition to being an excellent choice for listening to podcasts,Spreakeralso allows you to create your own program and then distribute it on all the most important platforms. It can be visited directly fromthis link.


In addition to the classic desktop and mobile applications, Spotify also has a well-optimized and well-equippedweb player. The aforementioned service has also decided to focus heavily on the management of Podcasts and for this reason it has become one of the most used worldwide, not to mention the fact that probably anyone already has an active account. The only shortcoming:no support for Safari.


TuneIn looks like anonline radiomanagementservice, but by searching, it is still possible to find all your favorite podcasts. To find what you want, you will then need to click on the search link in the left column, but once done, the playback quality will be quite satisfactory. To visit the site just click onthis link.


As a last online service, we offerFeedly, well known for viewingarticles and RSS feeds, but still capable of reproducing audio content. Also in this case, it will therefore be necessary to use the search bar, which will appear only after clicking the“+”button on the left. One way to discover the most interesting proposals is to search for“#podcast”and wait for the results.

Best apps to listen to podcasts

All the sites we mentioned earlier have an“app” counterpart, but with some difference in support. Spotify, for example, can count on a desktop and mobile platform, while Google Podcast exclusively on the mobile one and, specifically,Android. All the others can instead be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Finally, we also add three other services much more optimized for application use, namely:Apple Podcast(iOS and macOS),iTunes(Windows) andAnchor(iOS and Android), an excellent tool for creating content, as well as for ‘I listen.

Other proposals

Among the other proposals, we also mention: Overcast,Amazon Audible, Stitcher and Podbean. All have valid platforms and it is therefore up to the user to choose which one to actually use.

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