Best Screen Recorder Application For PC

In this article, we will review some Lightweight PC / Laptop Screen Recorder Applications or commonly called PC Screen Recorders (Free & Best in 2021).

Current technological advances have led to the emergence of several new types of professions. One of them is a profession as YouTuber.

Best Screen Recorder Application For PC
Best Screen Recorder Application For PC

Best Screen Recorder Application For PC

Maybe a question arises in your mind, how do you record a laptop screen? For example recording Live Streaming of a soccer match.

Or record games played on a PC or laptop like the YouTubers Gamers. Well, here’s the answer, they use a screen recorder application or an application to record the PC screen.

1. OBS Studio PC Screen Recorder Application

Open Broadcaster Software or commonly called OBS is open source and multi-platform software. Thanks to this characteristic, OBS is free software to use any operating system.

And also OBS can be owned by anyone without paying or free. Its simple appearance makes this application much popular with YouTubers.

You should try this application to record your PC screen. Because this PC screen recording application has several advantages. Among others are:

  • Open Source
  • Large Selection of Video Filters
  • The menu theme can be changed
  • Supports streaming / live broadcast.

Like other applications, OBS Studio also has drawbacks. The drawback is the incomplete guide to using this application.

So you have to learn for yourself how to make the most of this software to use it.

If you want to try it, pleasedownload OBS.

2. Atomi Active

Atomi Active is an application that has a minimalist design. But make no mistake, even with a minimal design you can still record your PC screen in high resolution.

This application can also be used to record the entire screen or just certain parts of your PC. So it is suitable for those of you who want to make long duration videos.

So, so that the recorded video looks more attractive and neat, you can edit it first with a PC video editing application. Choose the best application and learn to use it.

As one of the best screen recording applications, Atommi Active has several advantages that they offer. These advantages include the following:

  • No watermark
  • Various effect features
  • Editing features
  • Multiple formats

And behind the myriad of advantages that this application offers, it also has drawbacks. Among them is the lack of a feature to upload directly to YouTube or Facebook.

So this is quite difficult for you to upload the video that you make.Download Atomi Active.

3. Screenpresso

The next screen recorder is Screenpresso. This application has two versions, namely paid and free. The two versions clearly have differences.

This application is certainly very useful for those of you who want to record a standard PC screen. There are several advantages and disadvantages of this Screenpresso application.

The advantages of ScreenPresso are as follows:

  1. Can record audio and webcam simultaneously with the screen.
  2. Can be used for commercial use.
  3. The output is not heavy.
  4. Quick Access feature to review previous video recordings.
  5. Share feature to several social media.

Following are the Cons of Screenpresso:

  1. The recording duration can only be a maximum of 3 minutes in the free version.
  2. Cannot remove watermark in videos in the free version.
  3. There is no support and guidance for android in the free version.

Download Screenpresso.

4. Icecream PC Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder can be used to record ongoing webinars, record video calls or play games.

The user interface in this software can be easily understood, so this screen recorder is the favorite of video makers. Icecream Screen Recorder can also be used as a way to screenshot on a laptop.

It is not without reason why this application is the top choice as screen recording software on their PC, because this software has several advantages.

Some of these advantages include the following:

  • There are shortcut configurations for Pause, Record, and Stop.
  • Can do screen recorder and face cam on pc.
  • Record audio and video simultaneously
  • There is a project history

Apart from the advantages offered, this application also has several drawbacks. One of them is that in the free version this application only allows a maximum of 10 minutes of recording.

And then the editing options, very limited to the free version. So to enjoy the full features of this application you have to pay for it.Download Icecream Screen Recorder.

5. Windows 10 Game Bar

Windows 10 Game bar is the default software from Windows 10. The way to run this program on your Windows 10 is by pressing Windows + G and the program window will open.

One of the advantages of this application is the dvr game feature. This feature allows someone to record the PC screen more smoothly so that the resulting video will be better.

And also the recording from this application has a size that is not too big, so it doesn’t take up your storage memory.

Download ithere.

6. ShadowPlay

This application is hardware accelerated screen recording, meaning that this application will use the hardware from the GPU GeForce from NvIDIA to help record the PC screen.

This application has several excellent features, one of which is recording backwards up to 20 minutes.

With this feature you can record the moments that you have missed, you can simply press the shortcut to mark the end of the video.

And this screen recorder application will automatically record backwards up to 20 minutes. So that you can record the precious moments that you miss.

Download Shadowplay.

7. WM Capture

WM Capture is an application that you can use to record your PC screen without fear of watermarking the video.

The uniqueness of this application is that you can determine when to start recording, thanks to the schedule recording feature. And of course you can record only certain parts of the screen.

As one of the best screen recorder applications for PC, this application has several advantages. One of them is having multiple outputs.

The output format for the resulting video consists of various kinds such as MPEG, WMV, AVI, DVD-ISO. And this of course helps you in determining the recording format.

8. Dxtory

Dxtory is known as a lightweight laptop screen recording software with easy-to-understand display and settings.

In addition, this application also has the advantage of recording in high quality, so it is very useful for various purposes.

You can also use a computer photo editing application as an additional tool for content creation if you are a content creator.

Dxtory Features:

  • The size of the software is very small, not up to 10MB.
  • Record data from surface memory buffer, so it doesn’t eat big RAM performance.
  • The software is very responsive, doesn’t make game lag.
  • The recording quality is good, without any compression process.

9. XSplit Gamecaster

One of the advantages possessed by XSplit Gamecaster is its ability to record streaming which is very great.

This application can show various kinds of streaming that you are doing stably without any obstacles.

In addition, you don’t have to bother when using it, because with just one button, you can start recording.

And what’s even more great, this application runs by adjusting the configuration of each laptop used.

Download XSplithere.

10. Action!

Just hearing the name of this application is very interesting. Yes, it turns out that the name of this screen recorder application is the same as the quality.

So, this application has the advantage that it can stream real time and they have a wide variety of videos with good quality, namely HD resolution.

Do not stop there, this application also offers a variety of interesting features to record a video. Even for the resulting sound quality is also perfect.

This application can also be used to perform screenshots at high speed. no wonder that Action is also very suitable as an application for recording tutorials.

After recording the screen activity, the video will be in MP4 and AVI format. So, it is certain that this application is really, really perfect for you.

How? Do you want to try out the quality of this PC screen recorder application? Apart from being easy to use, this application is also perfectly suited to your needs.

Download ithere.

11. Ezvid Screen Recorder

The next screen recorder application that you can use is Ezvid. Ezvid is a screen recording software that you can download for free without a watermark.

It doesn’t stop there, this application also has lots of video editing features that can be used immediately after you finish recording the screen.

By utilizing this PC screen recorder application, you can produce recording quality like a professional.

Unfortunately, this application has a drawback where to use this application you need a PC that has a capacity of 10 GB.

This is what makes this application very unsuitable when used on PCs with older generations. Because the installation process carried out will also take a very long time.

Well, for those of you who qualify, justdownload Ezvidon your PC right now.

12. Camstudio

The next software you can rely on to record your PC screen with good quality and resolution is CamStudio.

This application is open source software that can be downloaded for free. In fact, this application is also quite popular and has a lot of enthusiasts.

One of the interesting things about this application is its ability to convert the recordings from AV to SWF format where it can be used for various website purposes.

Another advantage that this application has is its ability to record image by image in one recording.

The drawback that this application has is that there is a software installation bug from a 3rd party that is directly installed with the program.

Download ithere.

13. TinyTake

The last application that you can rely on to perform PC screen recording is TinyTake. This application is perfect for those of you who have a busy life, routine, hobby of making video recordings with a PC screen.

Now, by using this application, you can devote all your creativity to produce an interesting video to upload to YouTube and other social media.

One of the capabilities offered by this application is the ability to record the screen and web games simultaneously.

Unfortunately, this application is a paid application where if you use it in free mode, screen recording can only be done for 5 minutes.

However, for screen recording that is done for 5 minutes in free mode, it does not have a watermark. That makes the resulting quality very satisfying with high image resolution.

Another advantage offered by this application is its ability to record with just one click. Download ithere.

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