[VIDEO-GUIDE] | How To Block Spotify Advertising On Windows And Mac

Block Spotify Advertising: One of the great limitations of Spotify used on Windows and Mac PCs is advertising, which does not only occur as a banner within the program but as interruptions between one song and another. Let’s see how to remove these ads altogether.

[VIDEO-GUIDE] | How to block Spotify advertising on Windows and Mac
[VIDEO-GUIDE] | How to block Spotify advertising on Windows and Mac

Block Spotify Advertising

Removal of advertising

Spotify in the last period has provided for the blocking of the old mods that eliminated the limitations on Android, but immediately the modders created a new mod for Spotify, we have seen it in this article.

On Windows and Mac instead there are no reliable mods like on Android, but it is possible to block all advertisements at source by modifying a simple file, the hosts file.

The hosts file blocks all connections to advertising services at the base, this allows you to use the Spotify service without having to listen to the announcements all the time!

How to edit the hosts file?


To modify the hosts file on Windows follow the steps below, I tried to make them simple and guided step by step, so that they could be executed by anyone:

  1. Copy this address ”C: / Windows / System32 / drivers / etc /
  2. Open the Windows file manager and in the top bar paste the address of step 1, then send
  3. Now you are in a folder with various files,copy the “hosts” fileand paste it on the Desktop
  4. Copy all the addresses on this page
  5. Now right click on the hosts file and click on “open with”, then select “notepad”
  6. Here I instill in everything the copied addresses first and then click on ”save
  7. Copy the newly modified hosts file and paste it into the folder where the modified one is,then click on replace
  8. FINISHED! You have now modified the hosts file to block advertising



Now let’s see how to modify the hosts file for the Spotify ad blocker on Mac:

  1. First start theTerminalfrom Applications / Utilities
  2. Type the commandcd / private / etc /to place yourself in the folder of the hosts file
  3. Typesudo pico hosts
  4. Now enter your account password and enter
  5. A screen will appear with the MAC hosts file: move to the bottom line of the file
  6. Copy the addresses on this page and paste them to the last line of the hosts file
  7. Press CTRL + O for saving and then CTRL + X to close the terminal

We have not been able to create a video guide for the Mac as we are not in possession of it, but the passages in some sections are similar to the version for Windows. So if you have any doubts you can see the video guide you find above.

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