3 Ways To Buy A Steam Wallet Without A Credit Card

Steam is the main platform for gamers to buy PC games. There are many advantages of Steam, ranging from superior download speed, flexible refund policy provisions, massive game collection, and much more.

3 Ways to Buy a Steam Wallet without a Credit Card

However, sometimes there are still some who are confused about the payment method on Steam. Generally, Steam users around the world use credit cards to make payments. However, because many Steam users are still in school and college, the credit card method doesn’t seem right.

3 Ways to Buy a Steam Wallet without a Credit Card

Fortunately, there is still a more practical payment method called Steam Wallet. For those who like to shop online, Steam Wallet is similar to Shopee Pay orGopaywhich can be topped up in various ways. If you don’t know, here are some ways to top up your Steam Wallet balance.

1. Through a mini-market

Is there a convenience store near your house? Why don’t you just use it? Yes, minimarkets also serve payments for Steam Wallet, and this method is perfect for those of you who prefer to pay using cash.

However, you have to use a site that does serve Steam Wallet filling services. There are quite a lot of sites like this, you are free to choose which one, the method remains the same, really. Most only navigation and the price is slightly different.

  1. Sign up and log into one of the Steam Wallet reseller sites, such as UniPin, DigiCodes, or CodaShop.
  2. If necessary, verify your email first before moving on to the next step.
  3. Enter the voucher purchase menu and look for options for Steam Wallet.
  4. Then, select the nominal Steam Wallet price you want to buy. Don’t be surprised if the price with the original nominal is different, because Steam Wallet purchases are subject to tax. Some sites will have different navigation, such as Digicodes which require you toadd to cart andcheckout.
  5. Choose a payment method via Indomaret or Alfamart.
  6. You will be asked to confirm some personal information such as mobile number or email. Just enter as requested.
  7. Each site will provide a Merchant ID which needs to be informed to the minimarket cashier. DigiCode has a Merchant ID named PLASMALL. As for UniPin and CodaShop, just mention the name of each site to the cashier.
  8. Don’t forget to mention the purchase code that was sent to each email.
  9. Pay to the cashier in accordance with the nominal and additional admin fees.
  10. Receive the receipt from the cashier containing the Steam Wallet code and keep it carefully.
  11. Say thanks to the cashier and go home.

So if you already have a Steam Wallet code, just open the Steam application on your PC or laptop, select the Gamesmenu and clickRedeem Steam Wallet Code.Enter the Steam Wallet number and clickContinue. See how much your Steam Wallet is now, if it’s increased it means it’s been successful.

2. Via Bank Transfer

Whether it’s an ATM transfer or mobile banking, this method is suitable if you don’t have enough cash. Plus, there are no administrative costs like going through a convenience store. If you use mobile banking, you don’t need to leave the house either.

As an example, we will provide a tutorial for buying a Steam Wallet via BCA. Some of the initial steps remain the same, via sites likeUniPin,DigiCodes, orCodaShop.

  1. Go to the Steam Wallet purchase site.
  2. Select the Steam Wallet menu and specify the nominal you want to buy.
  3. Select the Virtual Account payment method.
  4. Select the desired bank name.
  5. Enter email.
  6. Then you will find the Virtual Account code.
  7. You need to enter the Virtual Account code, either via ATM transfer or mobile banking.
    • If through an ATM, enter the 6 digit PIN you have, then select theOther Transactionmenu ->Transfer -> To BCA Virtual Account.Enter the payment code and selectCorrectseveral times.
    • Through mobile banking, open the m-BCA application. Enter the access code, select m-Transfer> BCA Virtual Account.Enter the Virtual Account code and check the nominal that appears if it matches the nominal total shopping. Enter the ATM PIN code and wait for a confirmation that the transaction was successful.
  8. The Steam Wallet code will be sent to the email. Enter the code via the Steam application -> Game -> Redeem a wallet code, and you’re done.

3. Via OVO / GoPay / DANA

There is one more method that is quite popular today, namely usingOVO, GoPay, or DANA balances. Of course, make sure that you have a sufficient balance in one of these payment systems.

  1. Go to one of the Steam Wallet purchase sites such as UniPin, DigiCodes, and CodaShop.
  2. Select the Steam Wallet menu and specify the nominal you want to buy.
  3. Choose OVO, Gopay, or DANA payment methods.
  4. Follow the steps below for each payment system.
    • OVO.Enter the mobile number registered with OVO, click the next button. Then, the process will continue to the OVO application on your mobile. Open the OVO application, and find an order to make a payment via notification (press the bell symbol). And follow the instructions on the cellphone screen until there is a successful transaction confirmation.
    • Gopay. Unlike OVO, you are required to scan a barcode using a cellphone camera on the Gojek application. So, select the Gopay menu on the PC screen, enter the number registered on Gojek, and the barcode will appear on the PC. Open the Gojek application, tap on thePay option, and point the camera at the barcode. The nominal price will appear on the cellphone, select Gopay as the payment method. Continue until the payment is successful.
    • FUNDS. Select DANA as the payment method, and a new tab will appear. Continue payment on this new tab by clickingChoose payment method and selecting DANA Balance. Continue the process until the transaction is successful.
  5. As in the previous method, you will also find the Steam Wallet code in your email.
  6. Enter the code in the Steam application via theGamesmenu-> Redeem a Steam wallet code.

Well, now you know about the payment procedures you can do to get a Steam Wallet balance. Without having a credit card, anyone can fill Steam Wallet easily and without a hitch. Don’t forget to also visit the article on how to refund games on Steam if you buy the wrong one.

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