How To Change 2G Edge Signals Into 3G HSDPA On Android

Change 2G Edge Signals into 3G: I know that nowadays almost all cellphone manufacturers make cellphones with 4G network support. However, there are still some of our friends who still use old school Android phones.

How to Change 2G Edge Signals into 3G HSDPA on Android
How to Change 2G Edge Signals into 3G HSDPA on Android

Not to mention the 4G network, the RAM is still 512MB. Usually, older phones like that only support the use of 2G or 3G networks.

For you who are currently still using a cellphone with these specifications, then I suggest just changing the network settings to always use 3G. Why? Because of course, 3G speeds are much faster than 2G.

Using 2G means you can’t open a website, because it’s very slow. 3G is still better because it can open a number of lightweight web like Google, Facebook, and others.

How to Change 2G Edge Signals into 3G on Android

The appearance and layout of the settings menu below may differ from the one on your cellphone. But as long as you use an Android phone, I don’t think the difference will be too great. You are left guessing and guessing. Adjust it so that you can follow the following tutorial correctly.

1. Open your Android phone. It can be any brand, Xiaomi, Sony, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, or others.

2. Then choose Network & internet.

3. Next selectcellular networks. The location of the menu is in position number two.

4. If you use 2 SIMs, then first select which SIM Card Buddy Androbuntu uses to surf the internet.

5. After that, selectthe priority network type.

6. A popup window will appear with the choice of the network you want to use. Because you want to change 2G to 3G, just choose 3G.


Now your Android phone will never use the 2G network again. But will always use a 3G network that is much faster. How, very easy right? If it still feels slow even though you’re already using 3G, then that means your phone has to be blue glue.

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