Change Fonts On Android Without Root

There are very many Android smartphone users nowadays. From young to old, they already have a very sophisticated Android smartphone. However, there are still many Android users who use default themes, fonts and other settings. Because they do not know how to change fonts, themes and more.

Change Fonts on Android without Root
Change Fonts on Android without Root

In fact, as Android smartphone users, we are free to change any appearance on our device. It’s more advisable to use the default font, but maybe we will feel bored with the appearance of the font and then want to change to another font on the Android device that we have.

Because not a few who do not know how to change the fonts of Android, here we will explain 3 recommendations for the easiest and fastest method of changing Android fonts. You can see the following text below if you want to change fonts on Android.

Generally, changing fonts is required for Androids that have been rooted, because certain Android devices are not provided to change fonts. However, no need to worry, because in the following way below you can apply to change the Android font that has not been rooted and that has been rooted too.

Change Fonts on Android that has been rooted

To change fonts on android, you could say it’s quite easy. Android smartphones that have been rooted are even more complicated than androids that have not been rooted in order to be able to change the android font.

You can use Xposed Installer for Android devices already. Xposed Installer application may already be familiar to some people who have rooted on their android. In fact, not a few also root their androids so that the Xposed Installer application can be installed, which is required for rooted devices.

The easiest way to change fonts on Android without root

Very many methods that can be used to change the android font without root. But here are only 3 of the most recommended ways because it is the fastest and easiest method for changing fonts on Android. Here below are 3 effective ways to change fonts on Android without root:

1. Changing Android Fonts with Default Features

Now, in some big smartphone brands such as Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, LG and many others have provided features to change the android font. You can change other fonts on Android so you don’t get bored with how it looks. To be able to change the Android font, you need to open Settings on your Android smartphone.

Open the Settings menu on your Android smartphone, then there you have to go to Display / Display / Themes to change the Android font from default to another font. Almost all the latest Android releases are available to change fonts through this method, so there’s no need to root to change fonts on your Android.

2. Change the Font with the Android Launcher

And this method is an alternative method if the previous method was not successfully applied on your Android smartphone. Using the launcher is one solution to be able to change the android font easily. Most launchers do provide a feature to change fonts to make it look more attractive.

Go Launcher is one of the most famous and widely used launchers by users throughout the world. You can change the font in Go Launcher by following a few steps.

First, open Go Launcher and then go to the Tools menu. Next, select Preferences then you will see a Font option in Personalization. That’s where you can set and change fonts on your Android.

3. Using the iFont Application to Change Android Fonts

If the first method cannot be applied on your Android, then in the second method it cannot or is less satisfied because maybe the launcher is too heavy to use on your Android. So this last way is the most recommended way on your android, which is using the iFont application.

The iFont application can help you to download fonts from outside sources then after downloading it you can apply the font in Settings – Display – Font Style. You just have to restart the android so that the font can be changed according to your wishes.

So, with this last way you can change different android fonts as you wish. If you only want to change the font on Android, it is not recommended to root because besides the warranty will expire, there is also a risk of bootloop.

Root risk to change fonts on Android

There are so many methods to be able to change fonts on Android, starting from the root which has not been rooted. Choose the right method to avoid unwanted damage. Some of the methods above are highly recommended ways to replace android fonts that aren’t rooted yet.

You can also change the font by giving rooting permission. But it is not recommended to follow the method of changing the font with root because there is definitely a risk that will be experienced. So in conclusion, immediately change your Android’s font to make it look more attractive and not be bored with your Android.

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