How To Change Your Facebook Profile URL

Change Your Facebook Profile URL: Do you know if the URL or your Facebook profile link can be changed? Not many Facebook users know if their profile URL can be changed. Although it may not be very important, it is very important to change the Facebook URL, but for certain cases, this can be useful for you.

How to Change Your Facebook Profile URL
How to Change Your Facebook Profile URL

How to Change Your Facebook Profile URL

So as not to be confused, we will discuss the example URL Facebook first. What is circled in the red box is the Facebook profile URL.

In this example, the profile URL is, the actual Facebook URL is, the letterm.before the Facebook post, indicating that the Facebook site is accessed via mobile.

In addition, you can also abbreviate to, so the profile above can also be accessed via the URL

By customizing the Facebook profile URL, we can make a link that is easy to remember. Here are some tips on making a good URL.

  1. Make the URL short
  2. Make it easy to remember too
  3. Use a combination of names with certain words if the URL we want to use has already been taken by someone else

Now, if you already understand the points above, then we go into the discussion of how to change the Facebook profile URL test.

How to change Facebook Profile URL via computer

Here I use Chrome to login to Facebook.

1. On your Facebook homepage, select the “triangle icon” on the top right, then select the “Settings” menu.

2. Next, make sure you are in the general settings. Then it will look like in the picture. Select “edit” in your username.

3. After that, you can change the username in accordance with what you want. Enter a username, if available, select “Save changes”.

4. After that you will be asked to enter your password, to ensure that the person making the change is really you, if so, click “Send”.

5. Done.

Now your username has changed. This means that your Facebook URL has also changed. You can see the orange second row.

How to change Facebook Profile URL via cellphone

To change Facebook URL via cellphone, you need to change the browser display to desktop mode before opening Facebook. Here I use the Chrome browser. For the same method as described above.

1. To activate the desktop mode, you select the three-dotted icon on the top right then select “Desktop mode“.

2. If so, please open the Facebook site and log in to your Facebook account. Then you select the triangle icon on the top right then select “Settings” to enter Facebook settings.

3. Same as the previous way using a PC, you need to change the username as you wish. Select “Edit” to change it. Please zoom in if the page is too small.

4. Make sure you get a green checkmark when you’ve finished typing a new username. Select “Save changes” to save.

5. You have successfully changed your username. The sign of your Facebook URL has also changed according to the username you have changed earlier.

The Facebook Profile URLwon’t change

Url or link on Facebook (even throughout the internet), must be different from each other. This is to distinguish between page A and page B. So the page with the be different from the

Make sure you choose a username that hasn’t been used by others on Facebook. If the checkmark is green and says “Username is available”, you can use that name.

However, if you change your username but a green checklist does not appear or a red cross appears, you must replace it with another username. For those of you who haven’t changed your Facebook URL, please change it right now. Choose a URL address that is easy to remember.

Don’t forget if you want to change the Facebook URL, you can use a PC or cell phone to change it. You can change anytime, anywhere. So there is no reason for you to be reluctant to change Facebook URLs.

Maybe until this discussion this time. If there is something asked, please add it in the comments column below.

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