How To Clean A Clogged Audio Jack

Even though it’s starting to be rare, audio jacks are one of the most important smartphone components. Audio jack allows users to listen to music or watch videos with sound quality that is more jarring than listening through the speaker.

How to Clean a Clogged Audio Jack
How to Clean a Clogged Audio Jack

How to Clean a Clogged Audio Jack

Unfortunately, not all users care about the cleanliness of their smartphones, let alone care for and clean the audio jack hole. The origin of plug and unplug regardless of the cleanliness of the audio jack itself can cause the audio jack to be clogged with dust or dirt and experience problems.

Beautiful sounds that could previously be listened to, cannot be enjoyed anymore. Are any of you experiencing this problem? If so, you can try and apply the following tips.

Compressor cans

This one tool is usually used to clean (spray) the components on a computer. However, we can also use compressor cans to clean small parts such as audio jack holes.

How to use it that is enough to close and exhale the compressor cans right in the audio jack hole. The applied air pressure will push dust to bounce out of the audio jack.


The second way you can go is to use cotton. Hook the cotton with a support such as a needle or toothpick so that the cotton does not get too far into the audio jack hole. The nature of soft and weak cotton can penetrate small spaces.

You can also give a little alcohol if the audio jack feels really dirty. But keep in mind, do not use alcohol too often to clean smartphone components to avoid corrosion or erode the metal layer.

Headphone jack

The tip of the headphone plug can be used to overcome this problem. Just like using cotton, we can give a little alcohol right at the end.

Before plugging the headphone jack into the audio hole, make sure that the smartphone is off. This is done to avoid short circuit. Do this with extreme caution and do not use excessive amounts of alcohol.

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