2 Ways to Connect PS3 Sticks to Windows 10 and 7 PCs

PS3 is the 3rd generation game console from Sony which is still quite popular today. One of the things that makes it even more special is the controller.

Yes, PS3 sticks are known to have fairly distinctive and easy-to-understand button placements. In addition, this stick also has a grip that is quite comfortable to hold.

Connect PS3 Sticks to Windows 10 and 7 PCs
Connect PS3 Sticks to Windows 10 and 7 PCs

What’s more, those of you who are very familiar with various types of Sony Playstation consoles, of course, will be very familiar with this PS3 controller.

For those of you who are PC gamers, it certainly doesn’t hurt to take advantage of this PS3 controller on a computer to play various types of games.

So how to connect a PS3 stick to a Windows 10 PC is something that you must understand. So how do you do it? Please see the full discussion below.

2 Ways to Connect PS3 Sticks to Windows 10 and 7 PCs

This Wireless PS3 stick has the advantage of being quite portable and can be used remotely.

In addition, this controller is cross platform and you can use it on a PC or laptop computer to play PC games and various Playstation emulator games.

How To Connect PS3 Joystick To PC With SCPToolkit

Basically, the PS3 stick has a built-in USB cable that functions to connect and transmit data from the stick to a console or PC.

Now in this first method, we will use the USB cable to install the PS3 stick device driver to the PC.

Later, after the driver is installed, we can unplug the cable and start playing various PC games using this joystick wirelessly with the help of a bluetooth dongle.

Immediately, we start with the tutorial.

Software required:

• SCPToolkit

Download link:https://sourceforge.net/projects/scptoolkit.mirror/

The steps are:

1. First, download and install the SCPToolkit software from the link above.

2. Then, connect the PS3 Stick to your PC or laptop using a USB cable.

3. Next, open theControl Panelmenu and select theHardware and Soundsoption and selectDevices and Printers.

4. Pay attention and make sure thePS3 GamePaddevice appears in the Unspecified section.

5. After that, check the bluetooth name of the computer device, you can take advantage of the bluetooth dongle or bluetooth driver already installed on your PC / laptop.

6. How to check the bluetooth name is by opening theStartmenu> Device Manager> Bluetooth> right-clicking and selectingAdvanced.

7. If so, open the SCPToolkit software and configure it as follows.

Click tick on options:

  • Install Bluetooth Driver
  • Install DualShock 3 Driver

8. Then click theInstallbutton and wait for it to finish which is marked with the wordsFinishon the log.

9. If the installation process is successful, the PS3 Gamepad device will change its name to XBOX 360 Controller for Windows on the Device Manager menu.

10. Finally, you only need to turn on the power on the PS3 stick and bluetooth on the PC to play various PC games wirelessly.

How to Connect PS3 Stick to PC with Motioninjoy

If you are still having trouble with the method above, then you can follow the following tutorial. Unlike before, this time we will use the Motioninjoy software to connect the PS3 stick to a PC.

Software required:

• Motioninjoy

Download link: https://motioninjoy.en.uptodown.com/windows/download

The steps are:

1. Download and install first Motioninjoy for PC via the link above.

2. Next, plug the PS3 USB cable into the PC USB port.

3. Then also plug the bluetooth dongle into the PC USB port if you use one.

4. If so, open the Motioninjoy software and click theDriver Managermenu (make sure the PC is online).

5. Next, click theInstall Alloption to install theDualshock 3 driver.

6. Ensure that the cross symbol has turned into a check mark indicating the driver has been installed.

7. After that, click theProfilesmenu and then set the joystick by clicking the checkbox optionXiput-Default.

8. At this stage you can adjust the vibration of the sticks via Vibration Testing and adjust the analog button configuration on theGame Controller Panel.

9. Next, click theBluetoothPairmenu and clickPair Now.

10. Finally, unplug the USB cable from the PS3 and PC stick and make sure the LED light on the PS3 joystick blinks indicating that the joystick is ready to use.

How easy is it, right? If the PS3 stick still can’t connect to a PC, you can ask it in the comments column below.

You can follow the various ways to connect and use a PS3 stick to a Windows 10 PC above to easily start playing various PC games like a Playstation console.

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