PlayStation 5 Games Will Not Support DualShock 4

DualShock 4: Sony has confirmed this, the new PS5 Games will only be playable with the new DualSense. This means that no matter how many or what type of controls you have for your current PS4, you won’t be able to use them and the reason seems more than justified.

Although it will last, it doesn’t mean you should throw it away right after purchasing your future Playstation 5 at the end of the year.

PlayStation 5 games will not support DualShock 4
PlayStation 5 games will not support DualShock 4

Sony PS5 and its support for DualShock 4

The DualShock 4that you’ve used on the Playstation 4 so farare numbered days, or almost. The company has confirmed that it will not be possible to use them to play future versions of the Playstation 5.

So if you only intend to purchase a new DualSense, you will need to change your plans if you want to play with friends or family at home.

This decision not to allow playing new games with DualShock seems more than justified, although there are people who have not done well and believe it is a way to make more money selling new accessories along with the future dashboard. But we can’t forget that the same thing happened with the jump from PS3 to PS4.

This time, Sony justifies this decision as seemingly logical. On Enjoy the best experiences and new technologies that the console will, including you, will need an administrator, into which will also be integrated many of the innovations that seek greater and more accurate gaming.

For example, new motors to improve the vibration system, adaptive triggers and many other details, such as an integrated microphone, etc.

This, along with the physical change that, while maintaining a similar form factor, relies on a more ergonomic and comfortable design that will play for a long time, seems to be worth the investment.

PlayStation 5 games will not support DualShock 4
PlayStation 5 games will not support DualShock 4

But don’t rush. Although you can’t useDualShock 4, what about the other PS4 drivers. Depending on the type, you can do the following:

  • Officially licensed flyers and joysticks can be used with PS5 and PS4 games
  • DualShock 4 will only support compatible PS4 to PS5 games
  • The PS Move control and weapon for the PlayStation VR can be used on the PS5

Headphones that connect via a USB port or audio connector will not have a problem with the PS5. This is not so bad news, and if you don’t play PS5 titles on your PS4, you can always use the PlayStation 4 controller on your PC.

Microsoft has done better

Now that we know that the Play 4 controls will not be compatible with Play 5 games, there are those who have said that Microsoft has done better. And yes, that may be true, but the changes Redmon has made are minimal because its gamepad was very good in itself.

This is not to say that the game is bad, but it is true that theXbox Controller has always enjoyed the greater popularity of most gamers, especially the Xbox Elite Controller.

It was therefore common for Sony to improve all the aspects that users demanded, and Microsoft did not touch on a product that had already convinced the vast majority of its users.

Therefore, you should not see a change in the console and the need to purchase new controls as something bad. It is simply a logical development with each new generation.

Especially if you think about the time we end up spending in front of the machine, they enjoy all those games that will amuse us and even mark us.

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