How To Create A Location On Google Maps

Create a Location on Google Maps: Now this technology has become more sophisticated and is also developing rapidly. One of them is maps that were used to help point directions or roads. But maps were developed to be even better.

How to Create a Location on Google Maps

So it’s not just a guide, but an overall picture of an area that is displayed specifically. Starting from the store name of the street to the conditions in the area. One of the biggest factors in the world is Google Write Google Maps which can be used on various smart devices. So it is connected on the internet.

How to Create a Location on Google Maps

Talking about Google Maps, some people who have businesses or businesses. Want their shops or businesses to be visible on Google Maps.

How do you put your character or business opinion on the maps? Here is information on how to create a location on Google Maps that you can practice.

Use Google Business

Do that is by utilizing Google’s business website. the way is very easy:

  1. First try to get into my business google site
  2. Then start now to start the registration process, if you have written down the name of the business, then select Yes, look for your address or business information. On the search page
  3. If no, write down your business address in full, so that Google is able to track it properly.
  4. When it’s finished then Google will check and be interested in directing it in the maps correctly
  5. If you have finished determining the location of the business, later you can immediately complete information such as phone numbers or websites.

Using Google Maps Via Browser

Next is to decide to create a location on Google Maps, by determining the point through the browser. This method is very easy to do so you can immediately practice it on a computer or laptop.

  1. The new location used for business can be determined by maps
  2. The trick after finding Google Maps through a browser, then right-click on that location and select add missing place
  3. Later you will be asked for information starting from the name of the category and others
  4. After that click submit, now after doing one of these methods
  5. You can easily find a place of business easily

Claim Business Locations on Google Maps

The next way that can be done if you make a formal business location claim on Maps.

Especially if you have just inaugurated a building or large store, which requires the location of Maps to be easily found by consumers and motorcycle taxi online. Here’s how:

  1. Make a withdrawal of the name of the store, then click “The owner of this business?”
  2. The next way that can be done is that it is desirable to manage the business of an existing location
  3. You must send a report and fill in official data, starting from the name, then the telephone number and also the email. In addition, if the store or business is a large undertaking, sometimes Google even needs official letters sent directly to Google.
  4. Later the Google company will help claim areas or places on Google maps so that they cannot be deleted or moved.

With the above method you no longer need to face difficulties to be able to “tag” or how to create a location on Google Maps, especially those that have business goals.

The use of a computer or laptop, as well as verifying directly to Google will further help you to put your location on maps.

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