How To Create Collages On Instagram Stories

Collages on Instagram Stories: Inside the App Store, there are thousands of applications that allow you to create photo collages in a simple and quick way to share through Instagram Stories. However, the thing that most could annoy any user is certainly the obligation to further occupy the device memory for a service that is used less intensively.

How to Create Collages on Instagram Stories
How to Create Collages on Instagram Stories

In this guide, we will learn how to “bypass” the download of third-party applications and create a photo collage directly on Instagram.

There are actually two different ways to do it and both are integrated within the official app of the aforementioned social network. One of the two resumes the functions are already seen with the “Layout” app, which seems destined to disappear from the stores, while the other is based on simple use of copy/paste.

Obviously, in both cases, we recommend that you install the latest version of the app, updating it from your digital store.

Collages on Instagram stories with Layout

The“Layout”app was presented by Instagram first as a service in its own right, then turned into an integrated function of the main software. So how can you use it and start creating collages in the Stories? Let’s see it immediately.

  • Open the Instagram app
  • On the home page, swipe your finger to the right to enter the story screen
  • Move to the“LAYOUT”section by swiping with your finger to the left, starting from the“NORMAL” item, under the shutter button.
  • Above the shutter button, choose the amount of photos to add to the collage and your preferred style.

At this point, all you need to do is start taking photos and enrich your content. We also remind you that, by clicking on the button at the bottom left, it will be possible to choose the images from the gallery, while clicking the one at the bottom right, you can turn the camera upside down.

Once the collage has been completed, it will obviously be possible to publish it on social media in the form of history, or download it for use on other platforms. To do this, just click on the download icon at the top.

Collage Instagram stories with copy/paste

Unfortunately, at least for the moment, it seems that the following procedure does not lead to any result on devices equipped with the Android operating system and for this reason we will illustrate everything on iOS. Each step will be absolutely simple andeverything will be based on “copy/paste” actions.

  • Open the Instagram application
  • Access the Stories creation screen by swiping your finger to the right starting from the home page
  • Take a photo (preferably single color)
  • Exit the app and open the photo gallery
  • Choose the first image to insert in the collage
  • Click on the share button at the bottom left and then on“Copy”
  • Go back to the Instagram Stories creation screen
  • Click on“Add sticker”at the bottom left

The above procedure will add a single image to the story, but simplyrepeat the internal process to enrich everything with as many photos as possible.

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