How To Automatically Delete Your Google Maps Location History

You should know that Google always stores your location and location history. Google always knows where we are. If you use Google Maps to find addresses and places of interest and you are not comfortable with the list of places that this application keeps track of then you need to know that you can clear the history of Google Maps from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets in order to all automatic.

How to Automatically Delete Your Google Maps Location History
How to Automatically Delete Your Google Maps Location History

To find out how to automatically Delete Your Google Maps Location History and get rid of them forever without doing it every time manually read the next paragraphs of this simple guide.

When you need to reach a location, the Google Maps app has become indispensable and essential, thanks to its ease of use and you have many search parameters available.

But with the passage of time, thanks to all the research you have done through the famous map service, an infinite chronology of places and movements has been memorized.

If you want the history of the positions stored by Google Maps to be deleted periodically and automatically without remembering to do it manually then make yourself comfortable and continue reading.

How to automatically Delete Your Google Maps Location History

As a first step start the Google Maps app from your Android or iOS device then tap on the icon related to your profile located at the top right corner and from the menu that appears select the Settings> History of Maps> Choose to delete automatically.

At this point in the screen where you find yourself you should notice three options Keep until I manually delete , Keep for 18 months and Keep for 3 months.

Choose the one you prefer by ticking one of the items, then press the button below Next and then tap on Confirm and you’re done.

From now on your data on Google Maps history will be saved for three months and afterwards they will automatically be deleted from the Google application without you being able to remember to do it manually. Even if they are not deleted immediately, however, this is already a start to protect privacy.

In conclusion

If you are reading this paragraph then it means that you have found this guide as it automatically deletes the history of the positions of Google Maps interesting.

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