How To Delete Your Location History Data From Google

Google records all your data, from every search you make and every YouTube video you watch, to the locations you have visited. Yes, Google Maps records wherever you go, the route you take to get there and how long you visit, even if you never open the application.

How to Delete Your Location History Data from Google
How to Delete Your Location History Data from Google

How to Delete Your Location History Data from Google

The accuracy of Google’s record of your whereabouts can be very dire. Fortunately, you can delete all the records from Google. Automatically, starting June 2020, Google will delete user data after 18 months or 1.5 years.

If it’s too long, you can change it. Here’s how to access, manage and delete your Google location data:

  1. Log in to your Google Account and select Data & Personalize from the navigation bar.
  2. To see a list of all your location data that has been recorded by Google, scroll to Activity control, then select Location History.
  3. If you want Google to stop tracking your location, turn off the switch on this page.
  4. To set Google to automatically delete this type of data, never or every three or 18 months, select Auto-delete and then choose the time period that you feel most comfortable with. Google will delete the current data that is longer than the time frame you specified. For example, if you choose three months, information older than three months will be deleted immediately.
  5. After you select the Auto Delete setting, a popup will appear and ask you to confirm. Select Delete or Confirm.
  6. Next, click Manage Activities. This page displays all the location information that Google collects with you as a timeline and map, including the places you have visited, the routes you have taken there and back, and the frequency and date of visits.
  7. To delete all location history permanently, click the trash can icon in the lower right corner and select Delete Location History when prompted. To delete each trip, select a point on the map or a bar in the timeline, then, on the next page, click the trash can icon next to the date of the trip you want to delete.
  8. To make sure your location data is completely gone, start with the Activity Control in step 2, then after Manage Activity in step 4, make sure the timeline in the upper left corner is blank and there are no dots on the map that previously indicated your location.

Thus, you can delete Your Location History Data from Google. If you feel any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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