Download Best Apps To Edit Photos On Mobile

If you want to edit the photos you have just taken on your Android smartphone or tablet, nothing beats the Photoshop Express app, a reduced and free version of the famous commercial photo editing program available for Windows. In addition to Photoshop Express there are also a myriad of other alternatives. Discover in this guide the best apps to edit the photos you can use for free on your device.

Download Best Apps to Edit photos on Mobile
Download Best Apps to Edit photos on Mobile

Apps to edit photos

Adobe Photoshop Express

As anticipated before, Photoshop is also available in a smartphone and tablet version for free and you can download it for free from the following link:

DOWNLOAD |Adobe Photoshop Express

This photo editor is one of the most downloaded and used, easy and fast to use, it allows not only simple corrections, but also to correct the perspective, remove noise, apply blurs, add borders and text, use filters and effects, create collages and much else.


One of the best alternatives to Photoshop you can try on Android for free is Pixlr, available at the following link:


With this app you can upload all the photos and images on your portable device to immediately apply very special effects, create a collage with various available styles and adjust a whole series of parameters to make each image perfect to be shared on social networks or in WhatsApp chats.

Excellent integrated automatic correction systems for white and color balance, as well as the system to improve selfies made with the front camera.


Directly from Google comes one of the best alternatives to Photoshop on Android: Snapseed, downloadable for free from the link below:

DOWNLOAD |Snapseed

This app makes simplicity its strong point: all the effects and filters you can apply to the shots are easily accessible, as is the menu with all the possible corrections you can apply to the photo (Color, Hue, Saturation, Light etc.). ). Very good for portraits, for detail photos and for creating artistic shots to share on Instagram or on chats.

Photo Editor

If you are looking for an app to edit and correct the colors of a photo or image, you should definitely try the Photo Editor app, available for free from the following link:

DOWNLOAD |Photo Editor

The app allows you to obtain a complete graphic on all the color channels (RGB) and to modify them individually, so as to obtain much more vivid or natural colors depending on the needs and the type of subject present in the image.

In addition to colors, it allows you to use the Drawing Mode to embellish images, overlay Text or other images, make a quick rotation, crop or resize and share photos via e-mail or SMS.

More apps alternative to Photoshop on Android

Those just proposed are among the bestapps to edit photos, but they are not the only ones. You can also try one of the following apps on your Android smartphone or tablet:

Try them all, just so you can find the photo editing app on Android that’s right for you!

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