How To Download the Latest Google Chrome Offline PC Version

Google Chrome is an open-source browser made by Google. Because of the sophistication of features and ease of use make this browser much in demand by internet users. Here is How to Download the Latest Google Chrome Offline PC Version.

How to Download the Latest Google Chrome Offline PC Version
How to Download the Latest Google Chrome Offline PC Version

The strengths of Chrome according to my needs are the easy process of sync between other Google products such as Gmail, YouTube and others; because my activities are mostly related to Google products both from mobile phones and computers.

Every 6 months or 1 year the browser will usually update, including Google Chrome, this is useful to ensure users get the latest security and the addition of features and a better appearance.

Usually when installing the latest good Chrome on a PC, I will go to the official site. In the front page we can directly download it to a PC.

But that is only the Chrome downloader software, not the Google Chrome browser, so we have to install it first before downloading Chrome so it must require the Internet on a computer and we don’t have the installation file because it is directly installed.

Indeed it is not a problem for some people, but it is problematic for people who want to have the installation file; For example, I, or the computer does not have a fast internet connection to download.

So, what should I do?

It turned out that Google itself provides a standalone version or can be called the offline version.

And this is good news for myself.

Steps to get the latest Google Chrome Offline? here’s how.

Steps to Download and Install Google Chrome Offline

1. You just have to go HERE.

2. After that Download Google Chrome by pressing the Download button available

3. Terms and conditions pop up appears, after you read it, select Accept and Install to start downloading.

Finish, we are just waiting for the download to finish. Here is my process for downloading Chrome Offline

I downloaded the latest Google Chrome Offline with a size of 55.3 MB. I use XDM software so that the download speed is equivalent to IDM or maybe more.

Besides being able to on Linux, it can also be installed on Windows. Oh yeah XDM is Freeware software that means it’s free to install.

Final words from me, hopefully what I write can be useful and help solve the problem you are facing to download latest google chrome offline PC Version

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